07 January 2011

King Island Beef: Coles promotes No Added Hormones Beef, Randwick (7 Jan 2011)

Keeping customers informed

So it looks like Coles is doing a big marketing push for the 'No Added Hormones' label on all their beef products. I guess that's a step in the right direction to better inform customers what they might be purchasing but it makes me wonder what we were getting before — perhaps it was always hormone free, perhaps not? Tonight I decide to buy some King Island Beef Scotch Fillet ($32/kg) which doesn't get the distinctive Coles label but it's hormone and antibiotic free in any case. I wonder what other factors contribute to what customers will buy besides price — grass fed versus grain fed beef and organic perhaps?

So I wonder if the new labelling will help make customers feel more comfortable in buying their beef at Coles now?

King Island Beef Scotch Fillet ($32/kg)

No Added Hormones labelling


The Book Harvest said...

As with your other articles on the big supermarkets and their marketing (eg. celebrity chefs), I do think this could be another marketing ploy by Coles. I found this article that might be of interest, although it is from September 2010.


Suse said...

it would make me stop and think "is the other beef not hormone free? Why not?" etc Our local butcher has recently started adding "no water injected" onto the majority of his signs. I queried him about the products that don't have the sign and was it a new thing. His reply was "nope, we've never done it, we just had so many questions from customers due to tabloid tv shows that we decided to add it as a description"

Simon Leong said...

hi the book harvest, thanks for the link to the article. very interesting read :-)

hi suse, gee i didn't even know water was injected? i wonder what's that for?

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