11 July 2010

Piranha: Golden Hash Potato Grills and Soy Snack Mix (29 June 2010)

17 Elizabeth Street, Campsie NSW 2194

59 snack samples to enjoy

OMG ... so what does one do when they receive 59 packets of snack food — share them of course. Thanks to Alex of Tixana for generously supplying three full boxes of all their eight Potato Grill flavours and soy snack mix varieties to sample as a personal appreciation of letting them know how much I enjoyed their Piranha Golden Hash Potato Grills Sea Salt I first discovered back in June. What better way to try them — and share the calories — than to have a major taste test with all my work colleagues. Everyone seemed pretty impressed with the variety available and the crunchy texture of the chips.

When sampling so many flavours at a time it can get a bit hard to appreciate the difference in flavours because the stronger and spicier tasting chips would overpower the taste of the lighter tasting chips. It was best to give a little bit of time between eating them to better appreciate the flavours. Overall one of the favourites of the day was the Maxi Grain Smokehouse Barbeque Waves which I'd have to agree with. So crunchy and tasty yet quite light and melty in the mouth — it was like fine shavings of pork crackling to me, but not exactly. A personal favourite is the Potato Grill Balsamic Vinegar and Sea Salt flavour which is quite distinctive in taste but one of the most spicy and strongest flavours was the Potato Grill Saucy Barbeque which pretty much neutralised your taste buds in tasting any of the other flavours immediately after it.

The Flame Thrower Mild Chilli Lime Peanut and Soy Snack Mix was quite well received and we all expected the Flame Thrower Hot Chilli BBQ Peanut and Soy Snack Mix to be even hotter in taste but it seemed pretty much the same level of spiciness. I still have most of the Vege crackers left to open but so far the Vege Crackers French Onion was very nice.

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PROS: Tasty chips with no artificial colours, preservatives and flavours and don't taste like cardboard, Seem less oily, Great crunch factor
CONS: Taste too good to stop at one, Trying not to share
MUST TRY: Maxi Grain Smokehouse Barbeque Waves, Potato Grill Balsamic Vinegar and Sea Salt, Potato Grill Saucy Barbeque

Potato Grills Sea Salt (x24 100g)

Golden Hash Potato Grills (x14)

Vege crackers (x6) and soy mix snacks (x15)

Potato Grills Sea Salt

Potato Grills Roast Chicken Herb Seasoning

Potato Grills Balsamic Vinegar and Sea Salt

Potato Grills Tomato Herbs and Cheddar

Potato Grills Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli

Potato Grills Saucy Barbeque

Potato Grills Barbeque and Cream Cheese

Potato Grills Creamy Mild Mushroom

Maxi Grain Smokehouse Barbeque Waves

Premium Bollywood Bhuja Mix

Flame Thrower Hot Chilli BBQ Peanut and Soy Snack Mix

Flame Thrower Mild Chilli Lime Peanut and Soy Snack Mix

Cashew Multigrain and Soy Snack Mix


Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

Wowwwww that's a lot of product! Haha
I'm intrigued by those potato grills, they look yum!
I've gotta see if I can find some somewhere to try :D Especially the Balsamic and Sea Salt

If I received that many samples I'd have to invite as many friends over as possible and have a snack party :P

Unknown said...

I'm most interested to hear about the vege crackers. :)

Sara @ Belly Rumbles said...

I will be looking out for those Maxi Grain Smokehouse Barbeque Waves :)

PIE-314 said...

Those are the most visually appealing snacks ever. Even prettier than goldfish crackers.

Madam Wu said...

You must be the popular person at work right now!

YaYa said...

I discovered the sea salt and bbq versions in my local supermarket a couple of months ago and loved them, I wonder when we're going to get the other 6 flavours!

Laura said...

Who do i contact to get some samples of these?
email me the contact - laura@starloz.com

Sarah Winehouse said...

Haha wow that's insane!

Simon Leong said...

hi kristy, you might be in luck to win some samples. i'll be running a party pack competition soon. watch this space!

hi christine, i've tried one of the flavours of the vege crackers and they were really nice. i'm sure all the flavours will just be as good.

hi sara, let me know how you go in trying the maxi grain smokehouse. they seemed to be the most liked ones in the office taste test.

hi PIE-314, i've never had goldfish crackers but piranhas eat goldfish so i guess piranhas win hehe :-)

hi madam wu, the office colleagues love the free treats :-)

hi yaya, all flavours are available. i spotted them all in the convenience store at the Entertainment Quarter when i was going to the movies. so they are around but perhaps it depends how large the supermarket is?

hi laura, i'll be running a competition soon to win a party pack of some of these chips and snacks so stay tuned :-)

hi sara, it sure was insane. receiving so many products i had to share of course. i still have some left for outings and to take to movies :-)

SnackShacks. said...

I love the Pirrana range of healthy vending machine choices.
We use these products and find many people love the taste as well as the healthy options in snacks..low Gi,low fat,Gluten FREE.
These products are selling like "hot Cakes"...we love the taste and the product range

Simon Leong said...

hi snackshaks, glad to hear they're really successful for you :-)

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