23 January 2011

Pulsation Café: Homemade Fresh Rice Paper Rolls, CBD Sydney (19 Jan 2011)

Shop 1, 332 Kent Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Kent Street pulsing with cafés

While walking down Kent Street I noticed a vast range of cafés that have popped up over the years giving plenty of alternative options to the usual food court eateries in the CBD area. The advertised special of Fresh homemade rice paper rolls with chicken and avocado ($5 for 2 pieces) caught my eye for a quick and healthy lunch time meal. The rolls were packed with ingredients which seemed very fresh. I sometimes get the cheaper prawn, chicken and beef rolls in the Hunter Connection Vietnamese eateries on special for $3.50 for 3 after about 1.30 pm but Pulsation Café are slightly larger, seem fresher and packed with more ingredients. Service was pretty quick and friendly and there's some seating available if you're lucky.

PROS: Freshly made, Friendly service, Reasonably priced
CONS: Limited seating inside and outside
MUST TRY: Other lunch special items

Fresh homemade rice paper rolls with chicken and avocado ($5 for 2 pieces)


foodie and the chef said...

I love rice paper rolls - they're pretty easy to make as well. Nice to see some inexpensive ones in the city that are full of fresh filling (unlike the week-old shredded veggies you get from food courts).

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

That's not a bad lunch! Cheap and fairly healthy.

Anonymous said...

Haven't tried the rice paper rolls there yet, but it's one of my favourite places to eat when I don't bring my lunch to work. Their salads and smoothies are wonderful.

howard said...

Nice find, Kent St needs more of these places. Sometimes the walk to Hunter Connection is a bit too far :)

Quay Po Cooks said...

Whenever I go a Vietnamese restaurant, I will never fail to include rice paper rolls in my order. I just love it. It is so healthy, refreshing and tasty. You have a nice blog:D

thang @ noodlies said...

interesting, i'm seeing a lot of modern viet fresh rolls, which includes avocado and other ingredients not usually found in viet rolls... I guess it's some japanese sushi filling meets viet fresh rolls.

i'm a bit of a traditionalists myself

Simon Leong said...

hi foodie and the chef, these ones seem to be a notch up on the usual food court versions. i like making them for parties but can be a little time consuming to make.

hi joey, healthy is always good for the heart to counteract all the fattier food :-)

hi lateraleating, i'll have to try their salads next time.

hi howard, there's also another place called Summer Rolls in the food court of corner of Elizabeth and Park St worth checking out for fresh rolls.

hi quay po cooks, thanks for dropping by. it's a definite menu order when i visit a Vietnamese restaurant too.

hi thang, you can't really beat the original version that's for sure :-)

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