19 August 2011

Strand Arcade: An Evening with our Designers, Sydney (16 Aug 2011)

193-195 Pitt Street Mall, Sydney NSW 2000

A night to meet the designers

For those lucky enough to have received a free invite ticket to An Evening with our Designers at the Strand Arcade were treated to a generous selection of tasty canapés provided by Sweet Infinity plus free flowing Chambord cocktails and Peroni beer. There were also in-store tasty treats to be had and quick hair and makeup sessions by Maiolo Salon — I think I could have done with a bit of a makeover. The fashion parade was the main focus of the night with impossibly thin models showing off a selection of designer labels. I think my favourites were the blue flowing dress from Ms Couture(?) and the simple yet stylish short red dress (not sure of the designer) — I'm so professional aren't I as I hold my Peroni.

It was a fun and lively atmosphere with plenty of opportunities to meet the designers in their shops. The crowd bottlenecks of last year were better managed this year and it was good to see plastic glassware being used instead of real glasses from last year — multiple open levels from above should always be a no glass zone for safety. Best in show was probably the well-mannered dog called Buddy in one of the lower ground jewellery shops — just too cute.

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PROS: Free cocktails and tasty canapés, Free makeup and styling session available from Maiolo, Fashion parade, Meet the designers, Better crowd control this year with less bottlenecks, Fun atmosphere, Plastic glassware a lot safer this year
CONS: Invited guests only although sign up to the Strand Arcade mailing list to be notified of future events, Chambord cocktails are too easy to drink for a mid-week event
MUST TRY: Hopefully attending next year

Chambord bar serving French Martini cocktail of Chambord, Vodka and pineapple juice

Chambord bar serving Chambord with soda and lime

Peroni bar — make mine full strength thanks

Sweet Infinity canapes

Sweet Infinity counter display

Some in-store tasty offerings

Fashion parade
Love the blue dress

Love the red dress

Lovely short dress with black heels for those who can

Fashion & styling

Party people

Lovers of fashion


Sydney Chamber Orchestra

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JasmyneTea said...

Oh, that blue corset is to die for! I love the strand, and I love cocktails, and putting them together is just magic. Great photos!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Simon Fashion Favourites? :D

nalysale said...

Really awesome collection all these.Canapes I love most and i hope that it would be much delicious than that looking.

Television Makeup Artist Sydney said...

Good blog: You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned:)

Andrew Chim said...

Just stumbled across this old post. My goodness, the short dress & black heels are quite the statement! Looks like you had a great event.

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