06 September 2011

Cherubini Espresso Bar: Café, Darlinghurst (4 Sept 2011)

85 Boundary Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Big breakfast for a small kitchen

Thanks to Food Morning for inviting me to sample the All Day Breakfast Breakfast and Coffee Deal ($9.50, normally $21.80) at Cherubini Espresso Bar. It included any one choice from the All Day Breakfast Menu although if you're after value for money then you're better off going for the Cherubini BIG Breakfast ($18) because everything else is much cheaper. You get two free range eggs, poached with bacon, fresh avocado, roast roma tomato, lemon herb mushrooms and organic sourdough toast. It's served on a large plate although if you're going to call it a BIG Breakfast then surely it should come with perhaps sausage as well. They only have a tiny kitchen so I'm sure this has a bearing on what's achievable. It all tasted pretty good except the poached eggs were overcooked and not as runny as hoped and I would have preferred the side salad of lettuce to be sauteed English spinach instead. The Eggs Benedict ($12) was ordered with ham and the two poached eggs were unfortunately slightly overcooked as well, probably by only a minute I'd say. The Scrambled eggs with roast tomato & organic sourdough toast ($10) was ordered with an extra side of crispy bacon ($4). Now when you describe bacon on the menu as crispy you're expecting it to be crispy but due to the low fat cut of the bacon it wasn't although it was still nice and a healthier version as well.

The Chai Latte ($3.80) was well-spiced with decent flavour and the Mocha ($3.80) had a nice balance of coffee and chocolate with a slightly roasty flavour. My well-presented Cappuccino ($3.80) also had roasty notes which wasn't too bitter so I didn't need to add any sugar. If you're thinking of eating inside then you might find the seating arrangement a bit crowded for sharing and table space comes at a premium if you're consuming anything more than a coffee. I forgot to check if they had a toilet available but I'm assuming they hopefully would being in such an isolated and quiet part of Darlinghurst.

PROS: Decent coffee and well-presented, Friendly and down-to-earth service, Free WiFi, Quiet location
CONS: Possibly crowded and awkward seating arrangement inside, Very limited table space, Poached eggs were a bit overcooked, Crispy bacon isn't crispy but it's low fat, BIG Breakfast doesn't come with sausage, Limited menu due to small kitchen including no pancakes or freshly squeezed juices, No prices on website menu
MUST TRY: Coffee

Cappuccino ($3.80)

Chai Latte ($3.80), Mocha ($3.80)

Cherubini BIG Breakfast - two free range eggs, poached with bacon, fresh avocado, roast roma tomato, lemon herb mushrooms and organic sourdough toast ($18) — would have loved some sausages and hash brown to be included

Poached eggs not as runny as hoped

Eggs Benedict - 2 poached eggs on sourdough toast with hollondaise sauce with ham ($12) — poached eggs not as runny as hoped

Scrambled eggs with roast tomato & organic sourdough toast ($10) with side of crispy bacon ($4)

Coffee menu

Coffee beans and tea

Coffee details

Coffee bean roasting machine

Fresh muffins and table condiments

Very limited table space for cutlery, a magazine or even elbows

Friendly staff

Chalk drawings

Rainforest alliance certified 100% arabica beans signage, magazines

Limited seating inside, low seating options outside

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Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Oh, sad poached eggs... Kinda sad bacon too :( Where's the crispy fat?!

Keely aka The Richest Girl in Bondi said...

I'm the same, love my poached eggs to burst open with runny yolk. Also a bit weirded out it came with lettuce? For breakfast? A good mocha would've smoothed it over for me though ..

Anonymous said...

Had breakfast here many times! My eggs were always runny :) Maybe you've just been unlucky, Simon.

Simon Leong said...

hi tina, i miss the crispy bacon fat when i don't get it

hi keely, could have done without the lettuce which is a bit of a none event on a dish

hi anonymous, thanks for the feedback, glad you've always got the runny eggs. i reckon it was a bit of bad luck on the day for me.

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