09 September 2011

Woolworths Town Hall: Mini Iced Cup Cakes, CBD Sydney (7 Sept 2011)

Cnr Park & George Streets, Sydney NSW 2000

Convenient yet high in sugar

I'm not quite sure if Margaret Fulton would approve of the 42.6% sugar content but then again perhaps that’s just normal for iced cupcakes? The Mini Iced Cup Cakes ($9.99, 24 pieces) from Woolworths Town Hall are the cheapest I’ve come across in Sydney. Less than half the price of the $1 mini cupcakes from The Cupcake Factory. They were well-packaged to protect the cupcakes from being squashed in transit and were moist in texture. They looked quite pretty although once I opened the packaging I thought the aroma of the cupcakes was pretty sugary and smelt a bit processed. They tasted OK washed down with a tea or coffee although it was quite evident they were high in sugar.

PROS: Cheap, Bite-sized, Well-protected packaging, Convenient and nicely decorated, Good for entertaining parties
CONS: High in sugar (42.6%) and fat (15.9%), Has a slightly weird processed sugary scent when package first opened
MUST TRY: Finding a low sugar and low fat mini cupcake that's still tasty and moist

Woolworths Mini Iced Cup Cakes ($9.99, 24 pieces)

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