05 September 2011

Arras Too: Café open for business, CBD Sydney (5 Sept 2011)

204 Clarence Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Big plans for a small space

Thanks to Richard Elliot for suggesting to visit Arras Too to check out their first day of opening and offerings. Taking over the site of Plan B made famous for their Wagyu Beef Burgers, chef and owner Adam Humphrey has no plans to offer burgers or fries for that matter but instead a decent coffee, simple cakes and a few Yorkshire daily specials. While Restaurant Arras is being constructed where Bécasse once stood you'll be able to pick up a reasonably priced coffees made with Allpress Organic Blend coffee. My Cappuccino ($3 small) was pretty good although when they say small they mean small. It wasn't too bitter and no sugar was needed. Sharing a Spicy Scotch egg ($4.50 each) reveals a semi-runny yolk which I'm sure is not easy to achieve. The spiciness seems to come into play from the pork mix around the egg which was similar to a mild chorizo for me. It's the first time I've tried such a dish so it's hard to compare with what it should be like but Richard was pretty happy with it.

The Yorkshire pork pie ($6) is fairly dense and deceptively filling. Sharing the one seems to be more than enough for me to leave some room for cakes. There's decent flavour from the pork filling and the pastry holds together well without being too stodgy. Unfortunately there's no tomato sauce available while they're finding their feet but then again I'm not sure if it's sacrilege to add sauce. It's an automatic reaction for me with pies even if it's a cold one. The Arras too walnut bread ($3) reminds me of a friand. The texture is even throughout and keeps together well. I detect a slight sugary coating which is quite nice. I think a good dollop of double cream and a few crushed caramelised walnuts on top would make it a lovely afternoon sugar treat. I remember being a fan of the old processed yellow custard tarts at school but the Arras Custard tart ($3) is a lot more sophisticated. Nutmeg flavours are quite noticeable both on the palate and visually and the thin pastry melts-in-your-mouth. The daily menu is limited at the moment but they seem to be doing them well. Tables and seating is limited and there's not much to choose from but hopefully the changing menu will keep you coming back for more. Let's hope they will update their twitter and website on what's available.

PROS: Decent coffee, Reasonable prices although small servings, Everything made fresh and changes daily
CONS: Finding their feet, If there's something you really like it might not always be available, Limited seating and very small service counter area
MUST TRY: Coffee and anything that has Scotch or Yorkshire in it's description

Espresso ($3), Cappuccino ($3)

Spicy Scotch eggs ($4.50 each) runny yolk

Yorkshire pork pie ($6)

Custard tart ($3)

Arras too walnut bread ($3)

Chef and owner Adam Humphrey, Specials of the day menu

Allpress coffee organic blend and La Marzzocco coffee machine

Clockwise: Arras too walnut bread ($3), Custard tart ($3), Genoise sponge ($3), Yorkshire pork pie ($6)

Spicy Scotch eggs in chilled display, Ginger cookie ($2) and
Oatcakes ($2) on display, Small window display of cakes

Service counter and display


mademoiselle délicieuse said...

Can't wait for its bigger sister to open!

Richard Elliot said...

It was fantastic to meet Adam and hear him speak so passionately about the cafe and restaurant.

I haven't had a scotch egg or pork pie in years. I thought they both tasted good. Hopefully Sydney is ready for such traditional English fayre!

joey@FoodiePop said...

Very happy little sister has opened for now. Love the name too, and good to see Scotch eggs and Yorkie pork pie on the menu.

thehungryduck said...

Great to hear its finally opened. I'm definitely going to try that scotch egg :)

MissPiggy said...

I really want to try a Scotch Egg...really! Cute little place...

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