02 September 2011

Singapura Eating House: Malaysian, Darlinghurst (2 Sept 2011)

10 Oxford Square, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

More miss than hit for me

I’ve visited Singapura Eating House once before, probably back in 2007 when they were mentioned in a SMH Good Living article about where to find a Char Kway Teow. I remember the Fried Kway Teow ($9) included squid which most other places in Sydney don’t which is perhaps there way of substituting the traditional clams perhaps which I’ve yet to find a place in Sydney that includes them. Today there was a good scattering of Chinese sausage and prawns and quite a bit of garlic I think that lingered all afternoon in my mouth. The sweetish dark consistency is flavoursome although could have had a little bit more char factor for my liking. However I didn’t expect to unfortunately find a long dark hair in it as well. I took it back to the young service lady who showed it to the chef and subsequently made me another one with no real followup apology. I understand things like this can happen but a sincere ‘sorry’ can help in these situations. At least they were a bit better about it than the Boatshed Café incident.

The Hainanese Chicken Rice ($9) ordered as the breast came out precut in small boneless pieces. Looking a little lifeless on the plate it was served with slightly flavoured rice and some sliced cucumber and tomato. With no sign of a side soup I questioned the service staff. Apparently they forget to ask at the time of ordering whether we wanted the soup or not as they find some people don’t have it. It’s the first time I’ve come across needing to ask for the side soup which is usually part of the dish without question. The chilli sauce was a bit watery and there was no sign of the ginger and shallot sauce which is one of the key elements of the dish — was I supposed to ask for this too perhaps? The clean and simple seating seemed to attract mostly Anglo customers. Many of which seem to be from Fitness First upstairs getting their fix of three dishes with rice from the bain-marie. It hasn't been a fruitful experience to attract me to return unless there’s a recommendation to try one of the other dishes.

PROS: Simple yet clean tables and seating available, Most of the classic dishes you’d hope to find in a Malaysian eatery although I'm not sure if they're done particularly well
CONS: Finding a hair in my Char Kway Teow, Prices aren't particularly cheap compared to other places, Some of the service could have a bit of a boost in friendliness, No ginger and shallot sauce served with the chicken rice and had to ask for the soup
MUST TRY: Finding out if anyone can recommend any other dishes from this place worth trying

Fried Kway Teow ($9)

Includes squid, prawns and Chinese sausage

Although today I had the added special of a longish black hair :-(

Hainanese Chicken Rice ($9)

Watery chilli sauce but no sign of the ginger and shallot sauce — sacrilege!

Had to ask if it comes with a side soup as they forget to ask if we wanted it. Most if not all places I've eaten at would provide it without asking as it's supposed to be part of the dish.

Service counter and menu board


Simple and clean seating and tables

SMH Good Living article from 27 Feb 2007 — obviously proud of it but it's quite far in the past now

Trading hours open quite late

Picasso wall decorations — very Malaysian/Singaporean?

Welcome to the gold fish bowl

Located inside the Oxford Square complex

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I passed this place the other day and noticed HUM is now a Chemist Warehouse?!? I haven't visited Oxford Street in about a month and it's changed that much?

Hmmm, the hair is rather gross and the chicken does not look great.

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