21 October 2011

Citibank: Free coffee for anyone, CBD Sydney (21 Oct 2011)

Corner Pitt and Hunter Streets, Sydney NSW 2000

Courting potential customers

It looks like Citibank have been very busy this week tempting potential customers with their free coffees. Apparently the barista has been making quite a few hundred a day, even closer to a thousand. Obviously it's a ploy to bring customers to them like a fly to a spiders web. I noticed anyone wearing business attire were potentially approached by the reps in light conversation about other promotional bank offerings. Thankfully I snuck under the radar with my jeans and t-shirt looking like a tourist — or maybe they were just having a break from talking. My free cappuccino was a bit on the milky side but thankfully not bitter and quite drinkable without sugar for a non-coffee drinker like myself. Flat white and mochas were also on offer and I'm sure the barista could make other styles like an espresso.

PROS: Free coffee, Didn't have to wait too long, Barista was friendly, Central location, I'm sure the bank managers are eager to please potential customers
CONS: Coffee was a little milky and missing a strong depth of roasty flavour but OK for me, Not sure if they'll be continuing next week but depends how this week worked out for them
MUST TRY: Getting the coffee without being approached by the reps unless you're actually wanting to know more about the Citibank offerings

Free coffee comes complete with promotional link of course

Coffee flyer from Citibank — I don't actually think you'll need one though

Lining up for a free coffee

A busy barista in action

If you're wearing business attire you'll probably be targeted by the Citibank reps. I wasn't approached wearing my jeans and t-shirt. I must have looked like a tourist and snuck under their courting radar

The coffee is on them but unfortunately not the interest rates

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