21 October 2011

Jamie's Italian: Set to officially open on Monday 24 October, CBD Sydney (21 Oct 2011)

107 Pitt Street, Sydney NSW 2000
Phone: (02) 8240 9000

Just about to officially open

“We will begin taking a limited number of Bookings for Parties of 6 to 12 people from 20 October 2011, please call from then for enquiries. Smaller Parties are First Come First Served”

It looks like a lot has happened since I passed by the advertised location back in May and from all the soft opening tweets (jealous) it sounds like everything is set to officially open on Monday 24 October for lunch with saucepans blazing. With a space capacity of 200 guests over two floors I'm sure the first day of trading, or month for that mattter, will be continuously filled to the brim with possible waiting lists as long as Pitt Street Mall. Or maybe not depending on how the food and service goes. Obviously with a celebrity chef name like Jamie Oliver they'll be a lot of interest and high expectations. Time will obviously tell whether all the hype will make the cut and keep customers satisfied to want to come back for more.

At first sight the menu looks very extensive. It'll be interesting to see how the kitchen will keep up with all the options. Prices seem pretty reasonable for the location and hopefully the quality and value for money will hit the mark. Sweets for under $10 will surely entice everyone to find that little bit of extra room in their full stomachs. Although coffees being over $4 ($4.35 to be exact) seems comparatively a little high when the affogato is only $6. I have my dessert stomach set on the Tiramisu ($9) to compare to all others I've tried. House wines starting at $7 seems nicely priced to have a few. Best part so far is watching the pasta making machine in the window — I wonder how much one of those goes for? It looks like all the pasta is weighed exactly for consistency.

Other visits to Jamie's Italian:
24 Oct 2011 - Spanner Crab Bruschetta, Spaghetti Bolognese, Tiramisu, Affogato
21 Oct 2011 - Set to officially open Monday 24 Oct
9 May 2011 - Opening soon construction site

PROS: Menu sounds very tempting and prices seem reasonable at this stage, Watching the pasta making machine, Decor looks nice from what I can tell
CONS: High expectations, Time will tell if it's value for money, It'll presumably be very popular so I'm expecting long wait lists or queues for walk-ins, Jamie Oliver isn't actually cooking in the kitchen
MUST TRY: Visiting with a large group to try lots of the dishes

Pasta making in the window display — I wonder if they get stage fright

Nibbles and antipasti menu

Pasta and mains menu

Sides, sweets and drinks menu

Wine menu


Anonymous said...

The food is fantastic! I was one of those lucky ones in the soft openings, and I was very impressed!

I dont normally eat fish, but I went out on a limb and tried the baby barra, and it was fantastic!

And the desserts...glad I left room!

I'm a little upset I dont work in the city, otherwise I would be trying to get in there for lunch every so often!

Richard Elliot said...

I think the concept from Jamie is a great one, affordable trattoria style Italian food.

The stories I have heard from friends in the UK have been a bit mixed, usually along the lines of 'teething troubles' and then the restaurant comes good.

Very upset I didn't get an invite to one of the soft launches considering my Jamie O connections (A bit tenuous these days!).

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Group bookings not available till December, already... :S

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, lucky you! glad to hear you enjoyed the food. so was it mainly media and chefs going to the soft opening?

hi richard, hopefully the Sydney restaurant gets it act together and provides good service and standard of food for all that visit.

hi tina, OMG booked out til Dec. I reckon it'll soon be easier to get a booking at Quay than Jamie's Italian :-)

lau@corridorkitchen said...

I'm curious too. Can't get past the fact that coffees cost $4.35. Come on, seriously?

Simon Leong said...

hi lau, a very strange price for the coffee indeed. i tried the spag bol on it's first day of opening. was very nice. i'd go back again to try more of the food :-)

Anonymous said...

On the wednesday when I went it was a range of people, dont think there were any media on that night.
Who would want media on a soft opening?????

I know that on the weekend a lot of families of the team went in, and so did some of the chefs from PRG other establishments.

You could not tell it was a soft opening, everything was running as if they had been doing it for months already! And the attention to detail was amazing!

Obviously their time overseas at other Jamie Italian's has paid off!

Can't wait to go again! Really wish I worked in the city!

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