20 October 2011

The Big Banana: Bananas $4.50 per kg and a Banana Split sugar fix, Coffs Harbour (9 Oct 2011)

351 Pacific Hwy, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
Open daily from 9 am – 4:30 pm

Cheaper than Sydney bananas

If you're heading up the coast and you're a keen banana eater like myself then you'll want to be stopping into the very touristy The Big Banana. I've been paying around $10-$12 for bananas at the moment when I feel like a splurge so I was pretty amazed to see quality bananas here for only $4.50/kg. I soon started thinking how many kilos I could stack in the car to bring back to Sydney and sell for a huge profit. The Banana smoothie ($5.50) was nicely flavoured and creamy and large enough to share if you want to fit in some Banana Split ($6.95) which comes with both vanilla and banana ice cream, cream, peanuts and of course banana — yummo. On the way back from my trip to Byron Bay I stopped in again but it had just closed so I missed out on trying the Chocolate coated bananas ($3.95 each) — hopefully next time. I noticed they now sell some local produce so you can stock up on more than just bananas.

PROS: Much cheaper bananas than Sydney at the moment, Good quality, Supporting local fruit growers, There's a candy store on site for extra sugar hit
CONS: 9 hours away from Sydney, Decor needs a bit of an overhaul, Limited menu
MUST TRY: Finding the cheapest good quality bananas in Sydney
WORTH TRYING: Banana smoothie, Banana Split

$4.50 for bananas while Sydney still around the $8–12 mark. My two bananas cost 90 cents!

Banana smoothie ($5.50)

Banana split ($6.95) — comes with vanilla and banana ice cream

Dessert and drinks menu

Local fruit for sale

Specials of the day including local oysters

Service counter

Seating inside

Seating outside

Every tourist stop has a gift shop, that's for sure

Slightly scary banana dolls

No food or drink but pet monkeys are OK

Fun yet dated graphics

Get your photo in front of The Big Banana like millions have done before

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gummi baby said...

I scrolled and scrolle and scrolled thinking surely he must have a photo of the iconic Big Banana and sure enough, you tease!

Simon Leong said...

hi gummi baby, kept it all the way down the bottom :-) although doesn't look too big does it. i think i have a photo somewhere of me under it so will have to include.

Richard Elliot said...

I haven't been to the Big Banana but I'd quite like to visit. I think every tourist in Aussie should visit the 'big things'.

Thankfully banana prices in Sydney are slowly edging down. I haven't been buying them for nearly six months now...

Anonymous said...

Banana paradise! I'd go bananas there!

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, all Aussies need to visit the big things. it's the Aussie tradition. should be part of the citizenship hehe. Although it looked like the big prawn in Ballina is no longer operational. it still stands but the business is no longer underneath.

hi lateraleating, i did go bananas, it's hard not to when you're a passionate banana eater :-) — best designed breakfast ever.

Stella Angelita said...

The banana split looks yummmm. Is that place inside The Big Banana Fun Park? Is there any entrance fee to go to that place? I only have a short time there. I only want to try the banana split.

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