27 October 2011

William Angliss Institute Sydney: Opening Launch Event, Surry Hills (24 Oct 2011)

Ground Floor, 26-32 Waterloo Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010
Phone: (02) 9125 5111

New premises open for learning

“The newly refurbished premise provides industry clients with the flexibility of training staff in a training environment including classrooms and kitchens enhancing the on the job training that is being undertaken”

Thanks to Justin Fallu from the William Angliss Institute for inviting me along to the new premises opening in Sydney. The well-attended event was mainly catered by Edna's At Your Table catering by Jennice Kersh and Chef Raymond Kersh (pictured above). Creating and serving Native Australian Cuisine has been their speciality for apparently over 30 years and the canapés they served were certainly an eye (and palate) opener for me. Crocodile, possum and kangaroo were on the menu as well as Kimberley boab, bush raisin, native lemon myrtle and the very interesting cheese fruit. Sweet treats were also prepared by three other chefs including Jane Strode of Bistrode who made a silky smooth Chocolate mousse with coconut dacquoise for tasting. There was also plenty of Raspberry & almond frangipane, mini chocolate eclairs and a wonderful looking croquembouche with spun sugar made by Chef Johan Hess.

PROS: Brand new campus with lots of different courses available, Seems to be a good kitchen layout with plenty of space, Very interesting canapés provided using native Australian meats and bush ingredients
CONS: Nearly watching the official plaque drop to the floor when it was revealed — but it was well saved with quick hands
MUST TRY: Cheesefruit & Binnorie Goat Fetta Tartlet and learning more about native Australian bush ingredients

Beverages on offer

Trio of vegetable terrine, tropical native lime mayonnaise on crouton

Cheesefruit & Binnorie goat fetta tartlet, roma tomato & basil salsa — very interesting flavour

Crocodile croquettes — tastes a bit like chicken

WA Onslaw scallop, Yamba green prawn, aniseed Myrtle & Kimberley boab, nori parcel tempura, bush raisin (akudgara) & seafood sauce

Tasmanian possum, Mt pepper leaf, wild mushroom & pinot grigio mini pie, potato & pumpkin mash

Chicken skewers

Chocolate mousse with coconut dacquoise

Raspberry & almond frangipane — a bit of ice cream would have been great

Choux pastry

Mini chocolate eclair

Chef Johan Hess making a croquembouche with spun sugar

Raymond Kersh and Jennice Kersh preparing the canapes

Making a raspberry & almond frangipane

In the kitchen and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra Quartet 'Opus 4'

Coffee Academy for barista training

Three commercial training kitchens

Kitchen products including 300 metres of Coles cling wrap — I didn't realise it came in that size

Speech time with Ms Gabrielle Upton MP

Oops! Nice catch of the plaque

Official plaque reveal by Ms Gabrielle Upton MP and President Dr Michele Allan

Courses now available in Sydney

A bit of Angelina Jolie-like glamour shot advertising

Located in the old Readers Digest Building

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Anonymous said...

I didn't know that people ate possum here... and I heard it's illegal to eat guinea pig... not fair! How was it, anyway?

penny aka jeroxie said...

I want to try possum! Have they lifted the ban on this meat?

Simon Leong said...

hi lateraleating, possum was good. tasted like meat to me :-)

hi penny, i didn't realise there was a ban. the ban must be lifted now if it did exist.

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