25 February 2012

Home Cooking: Fish Fingers San Choy Bow (25 Feb 2012)

Spontaneously creating a meal

I used to love watching the show Surprise Chef where Chef Aristos Papandroulakis went into peoples kitchens and challenged himself to cook a meal only using ingredients from their pantry, fridge or groceries they'd just bought. Quite often I find myself trying to do the same thing at home when I haven't had a chance to go shopping and need to feed myself with something besides toast, a banana or a can of tuna if I'm lucky enough to have one in the pantry. With dinner approaching fast with a growling stomach it was time to put my Aristos thinking cap on. I had left over Fish Fingers from the week so that was a great start. I found some iceberg lettuce, eggs and left over frozen peas. With a bit of mayo and some Maldon Smoked Sea Salt and Pimentón seasoning it was looking like Fish Fingers San Choy Bow was a possibility. In the end it tasted pretty decent. Perhaps a little bit too eggy so I should have maybe thrown a bit of chopped chives from the balcony garden in to smooth it over a little. I wonder if anyone else has created this dish before or is it a world first?

5 fish fingers
3 iceberg lettuce leaves
2 eggs hard boiled
1 cup of frozen peas
2 tablespoon of mayonnaise
Salt and paprika to taste

PROS: Simple, cheap, tastes OK
CONS: Possibly not the most nutritious meal on the planet but it does contain greens and protein
MUST TRY: Thinking of another simple dish using the rest of the peas and lettuce

Birds Eye fish fingers — I loved these as a kid

Hard boil the eggs

Wash a few lettuce leaves and break into smaller pieces

McCain frozen baby peas — be sure not to over cook them

Praise mayonnaise

Dulce Pimenton and Maldon Smoked Sea Salt

Mix the peas, egg and mayonnaise together. I should have crushed up the egg first and then combined so the peas don't get squashed too much.

Spoon egg and peas on lettuce and place a few cut up pieces of fish fingers on top.


Miss Kimbers said...

Haha I remember that show! From looking at the first photo and having not read the title of the post correctly, I wouldn't have guessed you used fish fingers. Perhaps this is a world first! :) I only ever used to make fish finger sandwiches...and spaghetti from a can sandwiches :|

Oh, don't worry, it is nutritous; the fish fingers have the heart foundation tick! And so does the sugary breakfast cereal in the pantry....but their website does say something high in sugar such as a cereal can be nutritious....

tania@mykitchenstories said...

Well Simon I dont usually make San Choy Bow, that's very creative, but I very often have fish fingers and peas as my stand by. I prefer I and J though! the crumbs are crunchier.....

Elle said...

That actually looks quite appealing! It's given me a hankering for fish fingers, and combining it with the egg and mayo has just made it even more delicious sounding.

Simon Leong said...

hi miss kimbers, spaghetti from a can sandwiches. i remember those days at school. i reckon the pubs will bring that back as dude food soon enough. canned spaghetti toasties!

hi tania, i'll have to try the I&J version next to compare. i was hoping the crumbing was going to be crispier but it wasn't quite what I remembered many years ago.

hi elle, fish fingers with potato mash and peas with white sauce used to be a meal i had as a kid — loved it!

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