24 February 2012

Caritas Australia: Peter Doyle @ The Quay serving at Fish Friday, Martin Place (24 Feb 2012)

Something fishy for charity

I came across this charity event in Martin Place and thought it was a great concept for raising money. Most people like me who buy their lunch each day would spend about $8-$10 a day so if that money went towards a good cause it works out to be a win win situation I think. I didn't get to try the fish dish being offered as I had already bought my salad from Pasta Pantry for lunch in MLC food court. It would be great if more restaurants were involved to promote charities in this way. Besides Peter Doyle @ The Quay I'm not sure if any other restaurants have done a similar thing? Arriving at 1.45 pm before it finished up around 2 pm I noticed it was getting a bit quiet for lunchers. I think if they had some sort of cooking demonstration happening for the entire time it would attract the interest from passer-bys and perhaps be more enticed to donate for a dish. The amount of staging and space allocated to the kitchen was quite generous but I think it also lost some intimacy and thought perhaps a more enclosed and welcoming setting with chairs and tables would have made it more attractive for lunchers to stop and take note. I believe the event was catering for about 1000 meals and the restaurant was donating the staff and food to support the charity.

PROS: You get your lunch and help charity at the same time, Friendly and helpful staff on hand
CONS: Peter Doyle wasn't in the kitchen the whole time, No tables or chairs provided, Cooked fish probably best if cooked to order or at least kept in some sort of bain-marie if pre cooked, Wondering if you still get a receipt for the donation as a tax deduction?
MUST TRY: Checking out the event next year if it happens

Grilled barramundi dish ($10 donation suggested)

Friendly volunteers serving up a fishy treat

Pepter Doyle @ The Quay serving at Fish Friday

Donation stand

Spruiking for lunchers

Martin Place

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Anonymous said...

Generally speaking, if you get something in return for your donation, it isn't tax deductible

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the info. that would make sense

Our Beauty Philosophy said...
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Simon Leong said...

hi elle, quite randomly actually. sometimes via City of Sydney twitter or eNewsletters about Sydney like agenda and daily addict. there's always something happening in Martin Place. if you hear of any fashion events yourself let me know. i like trying to photograph them like http://simonleongdesign.blogspot.com.au/2011/08/strand-arcade-evening-with-our.html

Our Beauty Philosophy said...
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