09 February 2012

Sparkle Cupcakery and Luxe Espresso Kiosk, Martin Place (8 Feb 2012)

Outside 51 Martin Place, Sydney NSW 2000

Sparkle up your work day

For fans of cupcakes from Sparkle Cupcakery who work in the city they'll be pleased to know they're now available from the new Martin Place kiosk located outside Martin Place Bar on Elizabeth Street. To celebrate the new kiosk it looks like they're giving away free Mini-Me cupcakes this Thursday 9 February from 8 am but only for the first 50 people and you'll need to check-in to their Facebook page. Looks like they'll definitely be all gone by the time I bother getting into work. Luxe Espresso is in charge of coffees and hopefully it's as decent as what Espresso on York churns out near QVB or actually Good Co Café just near by. I'm not sure of the menu prices at this stage.

I think it's a great idea for Martin Place and there should be more of these kiosks being set up for food and beverage. I'd love to see a Vietnamese Pork Roll (Bánh mì) kiosk like Hong Ha or Marrickville Pork Roll. Perhaps a hot dog kiosk, taco kiosk and I'm sure Turkish Gozleme and Poffertjes Dutch Pancakes would happily get in on the act too if you gave them half a chance. And how about a fantastic freshly cooked Cinnamon Donut kiosk like the one in Berry known as Famous Berry Donut Van.

PROS: Handy location for city workers near Martin Place, Sugar hit assured, Coffees available from Luxe Espresso
CONS: Very limited range of cupcakes available, No seating, I didn't spot a pricing menu, Didn't see any cakes or breads from Luxe Espresso
MUST TRY: Remembering for a quick afternoon pickup

Limited range of cupcakes on offer — I'm suspecting it's their most popular flavours

Coffee available by Luxe Espresso

Located outside Martin Place Bar on Elizabeth Street

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Sara - Belly Rumbles said...

Not a sparkle cupcake fan. Not their fault, I am a savoury girl over sweets anytime. Now a banh mi kiosk has my full attention. Simon, I think you need to start getting in to people's ears about that one!

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

Am starting to see Sparkle Cupcakery around a lot more. Great idea to do use one of those stands. I don't think I've actually tried one.....

JB said...

A Vietnamese Pork Roll kiosk on Martin Place is a killer idea, Simon!

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

That's awesome! I always walk behind that that kiosk so I didn't even notice!!! :D

Flick Your Food said...

Love sparkle cupcakes although never have had good service so hopefully this kiosk will change things.
I think you could be on a gold mine with your pork roll kiosk idea!

sugarpuffi said...

ohh its one of these booths! i thought it would be a proper shop front if you know what i mean

Simon Leong said...

hi sara, let's hope someone does a banh mi kiosk and a good one at that, and cheap. i can see the queue now running longer than mamak during lunch time

hi tina, i believe there in david jones food court as well.

hi jb, fingers crossed it happens. doesn't need much counter space to make it happen.

hi tina, i generally walk behind that kiosk as well.

hi flick your food, the staff behind the kiosk seem pretty friendly so hopefully your experience will be better there

hi sugarpuffi, i wish it was a larger shop actually so i could try some of luxe's cakes and bread i've heard about

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