05 February 2012

Sumo Salad: Pete Evans adds his new salad menu, Broadway (4 Feb 2012)

Shop 8B, The Broadway Shopping Centre
1-21 Bay Street, Broadway NSW 2007

Plenty of different salad choices

While visiting The Broadway Shopping Centre food court I was after something healthy for lunch and spotted Sumo Salad which I thought would be a good option. While perusing the counter display I noticed two Pete Evans salads available. Just when I thought celebrity chefs had learnt about putting their names to franchised eateries like Darren Simpson's Chilli Relish & Cheddar Chicken Burger. With My Kitchen Rules in full swing I thought why not give it a try. At first I quite liked the flavour burst of the capers in the Pete Evans Tuna & Green Pea Pasta with Lemon Chilli Dressing but after a while I found the salad overly citrus in taste. I also found a large piece of lemon with rind still intact which seemed a bit strange. His other Miso Infused Chicken with Brown Rice and Quinoa was quite nice and was filled with lots of ingredients that I generally don't get to eat very often. It tasted quite healthy. I also tried the normal Thai Chicken Noodle with Oriental Dressing which was actually my favourite of the day. The Lentil & Tabbouleh with zest lemon dressing was also pretty good and filled with healthy tasting ingredients.

PROS: Fresh tasting and includes lots of different ingredients, Energy information provided for each salad, Seems reasonably priced for the interesting salad choices available which are quite tasty
CONS: I don't think Pete personally makes the salads himself
MUST TRY: Other salads as a healthy alternative for lunch during the week

Pete Evan's New Salad - Tuna & Green Pea Pasta with Lemon Chilli Dressing, Pete Evans' New Salad - Miso Infused Chicken with Brown Rice and Quinoa ($8.95 medium)

Not sure if the salad was supposed to have a large piece of lemon with rind in it?

Thai Chicken Noodle with Oriental Dressing, Lentil & Tabbouleh with zest lemon dressing ($8.95 medium)

Pete Evan's New Salad - Tuna & Green Pea Pasta with Lemon Chilli Dressing

Pete Evans' New Salad - Miso Infused Chicken with Brown Rice and Quinoa

Lentil & Tabbouleh with zest lemon dressing

Thai Chicken Noodle with Oriental Dressing

Small $5.95, Medium $8.95, Large $10.95


Pete Evans says 'Say No to fried food & lardy lunches!'

Menu flyer

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Wendy @ Obesebaby said...

I really like this salad place, used to eat it at least once a week it really gives alot of healthy choice to the vegetarian or those trying to lose a few kg!

OohLookBel said...

Cool! I like a healthy salad for lunch and will be checking out my local Sumo Salad joint today to see if they have these.

lateraleating said...

I prefer salad bars where they make the salad on demand. That being said, if there's nothing healthy around I don't mind eating a pre-prepared salad, Pete Evans' or not.

Kerancia said...

I'm going to try this for lunch this week :) I like how they have shown the calories for each item - makes it easier for those who are trying to be extra good this year & keep their NY's resolution!

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

I didn't realise Pete Evans had his own range at sumo salad. Hmmm interesting! I had one bad experience with sumo salad and unfortuantely I've never been able to go back again :(

Chanel said...

The quinoa & brown rice salad looks and sounds nice! At least Pete Evans is promoting healthy food, rather than a burger huh! It looks like a good lunch option, although I never buy takeaway salad - I can make it better and fresher (and cheaper) myself ;-)
(*not that I am against anyone else buying salads - it's a good time-poor option!)

Simon Leong said...

hi wendy, i haven't been for ages but it's made me want to return for some lunches in the future

hi bel, let me know which ones you enjoy.

hi lateraleating, i think sumo salad have this option as well which i always thought that's what they were known for originally.

hi kerancia, i think they're all pretty healthy since they're not fried unless it has bacon in it :-)

hi tina, i didn't know either until i had a look at the counter display. apparently it's just be launched. obvious timing with My Kitchen Rules now on TV. care to elaborate on your past bad experience?

hi chanel, making it yourself is definitely cheaper and probably fresher too. i'm too lazy during the week but on weekends i tend to have more time to make my own.

Anonymous said...

I'm the same as Tina, had a bad experience with Sumo and will not go back there again. Shame as they have nice salads

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, that's a shame about the bad experience. perhaps they might be willing to make it up to you if you let them know.

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