15 February 2012

Valentine's Day in Sydney: Haigh's Chocolates, Mills & Boon, Guide Dogs & Free Hugs (14 Feb 2012)

193-195 Pitt Street Mall, Sydney NSW 2000

Free love is all around

I've often been accused of being so cheap I'd attend the opening of an envelope so when I found out The Strand Arcade was giving away free Kikki.K greeting cards and Haigh's Chocolates it was a no brainer. Especially if the ladies from Breakfast with Audrey were also going to write the card for me — how lazy can one be. After scoring my card and chocolate I spotted a Cupid across the road near the Apple store on George Street. Being too early for Mardi Gras he certainly stood out from the crowd giving away Mills & Boon novels with his two lady assistants. A freebie scored again! Heading back to work through Martin Place the Guide Dogs were on show. Free love for all just by looking at the puppies — they were so cute. Occupy Sydney seem to still be holding on to their camp outside the Lindt Chocolate Cafe with their own Valentine's message although I'm not sure if the guy proudly showing off his t-shirt saying 'Dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians' will score him some extra love. At the end of the day it was time to head to Cotton Duck via Hyde Park for a Valentine's Day dinner. Along the way there were FREE HUGS offered by Khodor and Crystal — I wonder how many people they put a friendly smile on that day. Lots of couples sitting on the park benches exchanging gifts and gazing into each others eyes. Cupid was certainly at play today.

Breakfast with Audrey on hand to help write your Valentine's card

Free Haigh's Chocolate

Card and chocolate done

The Strand Arcade spreading the love

Card writing service


All you need is Love

Lovely fun decor

Kikki.K window display

Haigh's Chocolates popular today

Mills & Boon cupid — that wasn't his bike by the way

How many people bought red roses today?

Guide Dog puppies on show — too cute!

Occupy Sydney — all class?

Sharing the love

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joey@FoodiePop said...

So many freebies, cool!

Anonymous said...

Great pics Simon!

cherrypix said...

I was so proud of my valentines special at miso til I read about all your freebies!! Savvy tightarse :-)

the dainty baker said...

hands down uve had the best V day ever!!! LOOOVEE IT!!

Miss Kimbers said...

Ooo free Haigh's chocolates! I work near a Haigh's shop but they did not have the same offer. What is your favourite Haigh's chocolate? I like the classic milk frog. Each Friday I treat myself to one hehe:)

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, i love my freebies :-)

hi anonymous, thanks

hi cherrypix, how was Miso? i haven't been there before.

hi the dainty baker, hehe thanks

hi miss kimbers, i think it was only in the Strand Arcade promotion. i actually have one of those huge milk choc frogs in the cupboard i haven't opened yet. saving for a rainy day :-) yum!

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