17 August 2012

Skandels Cafe: Burger with the lot, Randwick (11 Aug 2012)

138 Belmore Road, Randwick NSW 2031

You get what you pay for

Skandels has been around for as long as I can remember and this was the first time I've actually stepped foot in the place to try their takeaway Burger with the lot ($6) which I spotted amongst their pictured menu offerings. The burger included all the usual suspects except no beetroot and no grilled onions which was a bit disappointing. The size and taste was not quite up to the standard of Andrews Hamburgers in Melbourne so my search for the great Aussie burger with the lot continues in Sydney. The atmosphere seemed more like a cafeteria than a cafe or restaurant to me and the decor is in dire need of a renovation to make it perhaps more welcoming and cosy. They seem to use the menu as their wall paper decoration which includes breakfast, pizzas, coffees and even Thai dishes I think. 

PROS: Cheap, Lots of menu items, Very casual so no need to dress up
CONS: Decor in need of a good renovation, Service could have maybe been a bit more welcoming
MUST TRY: Returning to perhaps try their pizzas
VERDICT: Feels more like a last resort type of place to find something to eat but the low prices are attractive to try

Burger with the lot ($6 takeaway)

A bit messy to eat

I was hoping they'd be beetroot and at least grilled onion in a burger with the lot

Revisited 22 Aug 2012

Skandel's Big breakfast: Bacon, grilled egg only, Sausage, 2 slices of toast ($7.50) — tasted as expected, quite cheap, sausage quite tasty, scrambled or poached egg costs $2 extra
Bacon & Egg Roll ($5.50) — egg could perhaps be a bit runnier. Not sure what it's served so flat
Apple juice ($3) — says 100% on menu but it's bottled juice so suspecting Just Juice or similar, Cappuccino ($2.70) — surprisingly OK without being too bitter but lacking a bit of roasty and creamy depth
Big Breakfast menu — reads a bit like a legal document with 'no substitution, swap or extra will be charged'
Engrish at play on the menu: 'berger' and 'rasberry'
Simple yet pleasant outdoor seating and street view 
Randwick is proud of their elders and you'll probably find a few of them sitting at this cafe as I found
Bill $18.70 for 2 — pretty cheap 
Not a fan of the table supports that get in the way and table wasn't even
Reminds me of the rules at Wafu
First place I've come across that spells out the seating rules. Baby made 3 and the place was quite baby friendly although I didn't check the toilets

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Richard Elliot said...

Before I left Sydney and friend (originally from The Shire) was singing the praises of this old school burger house as having one of the best burgers in Sydney. A very big call!

Sadly I didn't get a chance to visit, but I'd be interested to hear your review if you make it one day:
(They have limited opening hours which can make a visit tough)

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

$6 for the lot? That's ridiculous! Don't think you can find such value much places anymore

Libby said...

Love Andrew's in Melbourne.

I'm a bit undecided re: the price thing. On one hand, $6 is steep when you compared a burger with the lot at any old fish and chip shop in my suburbs. On the other hand, Andrew's, I think, charges $10 for their burger with the lot and no one bats an eyelid.

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, paul's famour hamburgers is on my wish list since i first heard about the place. one day i'll get to it to try.

hi tina, places like this are certainly few and far between but every suburb seems to have one of them.

hi libby, gee you must have some very cheap takeaway shops in your suburb if a burger with the lot is less than $6. feel free to share the links/places as a comment if you think they're good and worth checking out.

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