05 August 2012

Bake Bar: Organic Artisan Bakery, Randwick (4 Aug 2012)

67 Frenchmans Road, Randwick NSW 2031

A fresh breath of baked goods

Bake Bar looks like a great little spot to pick up some freshly baked breads and sweet treats. The bakery is in partnership with Gusto Espresso Bar next door which both share the same space and seating. The Coconut & Pistachio Cookie ($3.50) was like a macaroon but shaped in a roundish ball. Not sure if you can really call it a cookie but it was a tasty and light treat I'd happily have again. The Spelt Carrot Cupcake ($4.80) was moist as hoped and had just the right amount of icing for me. There's a fair amount of flavour from the ingredients in walnuts I believe I spotted inside. It's a little expensive for a cupcake but it seems to be quality over quantity. From first impressions it looks like a nice bakery that will be a great asset to the local area. The brownie ($5) I spotted in the display is on my wish list for hopefully next time.

PROS: Friendly staff, Freshly baked goods, Nice and clean seating area, I'm assuming there's some organic products due to the name of the bakery, Spotted some flourless options
CONS: A little bit more expensive than your average bakery
MUST TRY: Revisiting to try other cakes and the coffee
VERDICT: A tempting selection of cakes on display that I hope to further investigate
Coconut & Pistachio Cookie ($3.50), Spelt Carrot Cupcake ($4.80)
Packed with ingredients and decent flavour

Bake Bar counter display and open kitchen

Gusto Espresso Bar (left), Bake Bar (right)
Revisited 23 Aug 2012
Berry Custard Tart ($4.50) — good flavour and light short pastry

Spelt Scone ($3) — moist enough to enjoy, nice pop of poppyseed on top, would go nicely cut in half with whipped cream

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Dee said...

Simon this is my new favourite haunt. Their spelt scones are the best.

Simon Leong said...

hi dee, i'll certainly have to try their spelt scones next time :-)

Anonymous said...

Gusto coffee a real big downside not worth the trip...

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, i haven't tried the coffee at gusto as yet but perhaps they'll improve to your taste soon. do you have a preference for your favourite coffee place around the area?

Anonymous said...

Agree, coffee is not good, weak n taste almost bitter,

Len Attard said...

Best bread I have eaten in many, many years. I live in Leura in the Blue Mountains and I get my son to bring enough loaves to last till he comes to visit again. Frozen bread? Even frozen it is still the best.

Len Attard

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