19 October 2012

Crave Sydney International Food Festival: Night Noodle Markets, Hyde Park, Sydney (18 Oct 2012)

Hyde Park, Corner Elizabeth and Park Streets, Sydney NSW 2000

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Noodle cravings in Sydney

Sydney seems to love outdoor food festivals and the yearly Night Noodle Markets is one of Crave's most popular events. If you hate queuing for your food then avoid at all costs all go early to avoid the crowds. Centrally located in Hyde Park makes for an easy after work meet up spot. I usually avoid this event because I tend to be unimpressed with the food which tends to be cooked in advance for the bain-maries but with a few exceptions. Jackie M's Seafood Char Kway Teow ($17) was the only dish I decided to try as it's cooked to order. When I first walked past at 8 pm the queue was about 20 deep so I kept on walking to check out the scenery and other stalls. Thankfully after about 45 minutes the line had gone down to only a couple so was happy enough to order. It had decent sized prawns and tasted pretty good considering it came from a makeshift kitchen. If you're thinking of checking out the markets it's probably  best to go with a few people so someone can mind a table while others get their food although depending on how long you have to wait in the queues it might be easier just sitting on the grass with a rug.

PROS: Fun atmosphere, Outdoor seating, Pretty lights, Free music entertainment, Lots of choices, Central location to the city
CONS: Need to line up to order your food and we all know how much we love queuing for food, Very weather dependent, Finding a spot to sit can be a challenge due to popularity, No proper toilets, Some dishes can be a bit pricey considering its takeaway
MUST TRY: Getting there early before the crowds, Checking out the pretty lights and finding a nice spot to sit back and relax
VERDICT: An enjoyable outdoor experience if the weather is kind but be prepared to queue for your food due to its popularity
Sydney loves its outdoor food festivals

Jackie M is the queen of social media advertising

Seafood Char Kway Teow ($17) cooked to order by Jackie M

There's that tall building which keeps changing it's name

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Richard Elliot said...

I went to the Noodle Markets all excited in my first year in Sydney, but a bit like you I was put off by the crowds.

Too many people to check out each stall, long lines and nowhere to sit. I think I'm getting old....

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, i tend to prefer going to a restaurant where there's table service or even one of the Asian food courts were you can get a seat more easily and it can even be cheaper.

Amanda@ChewTown said...

I'm definitely not a queuing crowrds person. I've done the night noodle markets a few times but this year decided I needed a break. I love the buzz of it though and you've captured this beautifully!

Simon Leong said...

hi amanda, i totally understand what you mean. it's pretty hard to come across an outdoor food festival these days which doesn't involve queuing for your food. i don't mind walking around the place for the atmosphere but sometimes think for food I'd prefer just going to one of the haymarket food courts for a bite to eat without long queues and enjoying with real plates and cutlery.

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