24 December 2012

Heinz Beck Masterclass at Caffe Sicilia, Surry Hills (1 Dec 2012)

628 Crown Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010 

Three Michelin Star chef

Thanks to George Redmond from Wasamedia for inviting me along to the Heinz Beck masterclass held at Caffe Sicilia. To be honest the only Heinz I knew before the day was the canned variety. Due to restriction of time and space in the kitchen it was more a cooking demonstration and tasting of the dishes rather than a hands on class. The kitchen was quite narrow it wasn't practical for everyone to actually get close enough to see what was happening but the tasting of the dishes was my favourite part. I was happy enough to just stand back to photograph the food bloggers photographing Heinz which is always fun. The first dish was a savoury Sedanini 'De Cecco' with red shrimps, smoked aubergine coulis and croutons. The pasta was perfectly al dente for me and the flavour combination very enjoyable. I like the added crunch from the croutons sprinkled on top and could have happily eaten another serving. For dessert the Orange jelly with bergamot ice cream and edible flowers was a hit with everyone. Great presentation with lovely flavours and the interesting basil puree worked so nicely in the dish. The homemade ice cream was silky smooth. I'm not sure if I'll ever get to visit his three michelin-starred restaurant La Pergola in Rome but I'm glad I had the chance to meet the very down-to-earth and passionate chef and enjoy a couple of his dishes.

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PROS: Sampling dishes created by a three-michelin starred chef who's passionate about using seasonal produce
CONS: Not much space in the kitchen to watch the cooking but I was more than happy to just taste and appreciate the final dishes
MUST TRY: Visiting La Pergola in Rome one day
VERDICT: Was a good opportunity to see a top chef in action and get to ask him questions about his cooking career
Sedanini 'De Cecco' with red shrimps, smoked aubergine coulis and croutons

Orange jelly with bergamot ice cream and edible flowers

Not much room to swing a cat in this kitchen — let alone fit a few food bloggers with their DSLR cameras

Plating up the Sedanini 'De Cecco'

Heinz loves talking about food

Plating up Orange jelly with bergamot ice cream and edible flowers

Chef meets food blogger

Heinz kindly writes out the dish descriptions

Love a good reflection shot

Heinz Beck and me

Would have loved to try this special dinner

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Richard Elliot said...

To be honest the only Heinz I knew before the day was the canned variety.

You do make me chuckle Simon!

MAB vs Food said...

Man I am jealous! You got to see Heinz Beck in action. The food looks amazing and is a very pleasing to the eye. I must check out Caffe Sicilia some time or wait til my Euro trip to sample Heinz Beck's food :-)

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