08 February 2013

Mr Crackles: Pork Crackling, Rolls and Fries, Darlinghurst (1 Feb 2013)

155 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst NSW 2010

Best side of crackling in Sydney?

With the promise of good pork crackling it's a no brainer to visit. Thankfully Chefs Sam and Carlos do a fine job at it. The Salted Crackling ($5) seems reasonably priced for the excellent crunch factor. Four decent-sized shards are easy to share as a side although crackling lovers will probably want to keep it all to themselves. The Crispy Pork Belly with Vietnamese Salad ($10 large) comes in a nice roll with good crackling and tender pork. The combination with salad and mayo makes for an enjoyable meal although I wish the carrot was also pickled like you get in a traditional banh mi with some pickled daikon in the mix too. Seems reasonably priced for the quality considering it's real pork and not the traditional Vietnamese processed pork. French Fries with Rosemary Salt ($4.50) are crisp and tasty as hoped. During my visit they weren't too busy so the test will be how they work under the pump with lots of orders at the same time. Being professional chefs I'm sure they be able to cope and still remain cool, calm and collected as they appeared. There's unfortunately very limited seating against one of the walls so it's more a takeaway shop than for dining in. I'm keen to try their Chilli Cheese Fries, Crackles Chicken Roll and Hot Dog next time.

PROS: Excellent pork crackling, Reasonably priced for the quality, Service was friendly and down-to-earth
CONS: Very limited seating so more suited for take away, No parks nearby to sit except for the uncovered Taylor Square corner
MUST TRY: Pork Crackling, Crispy Pork Belly with Vietnamese Salad, Returning to try more of the menu
VERDICT: For a seriously good pork crackling hit on the run I haven't found a better place. Limited but tempting menu which favours the meat lovers.
Salted Crackling ($5) — excellent crunch, fair price, nice portion to share between two as a side

Crispy Pork Belly with Vietnamese Salad ($10 large) — nice roll, good crackling and tender pork, nice salad and mayo

French Fries with Rosemary Salt ($4.50) — crisp and tasty
Bill $19.50 for two sharing
Chefs Sam and Carlos dedicated to making good crackling

Was hoping to try the Tiramisu but had run out :-(
Glorious pork crackling awaits

Only a few seats on the right to sit next to wall bench. Hopefully more bench space can be added to the other wall and a couple of cocktail tables in the middle to help rest your side of crackling, fries and drink while you eat your roll?

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chocolatesuze said...

zomg that crackle!

Richard Elliot said...

Looks good. I dread to think how bad it is for you. Everything in small doses!

Anonymous said...

This place is GENIUS! Thanks for the heads up!

Jacq said...

whoa that crackling looks awesome! Nice find :)

Sherrie Huang said...

Whoaaa that crackling looks intense!!

Gourmet Getaways said...

Oh I need Mr Crackle now!!!
That all looks really good! Really bad... but really good. Mr GG would love this :)

gummi baby said...

Awww! If only I'd known about this place when I worked in East Sydney! I'm not sure if that would be a good thing - eating crackling every day and those rosemary salt chips ... he he!

Simon Leong said...

hi suze, you are the crackling queen so you gotta try it

hi richard, this one wasn't too oily to touch so i'm thinking it's better than the rest :-)

hi lateraleating, hope you enjoy if you get to try

hi jacq, crackling fix will be satisfied i'm sure

hi sherrie, so glad sydney now has a place for good crackling

hi gourmet getaway, hehe yes bad but good. all in moderation.

hi gummi baby, i think it's only recently opened but you're right. too much temptation if you work too close.

Next Stop: Food said...

OH ... MY ... GOD!!
that looks so ... delish!!
Heart attack moment... haha! in a bite!
- Cassie

Chris (@ MAB vs Food) said...

All that crackling looks very naughty but I am sure it tastes great!

Sarah Aldred said...

Love this place!! I started to come close to when it opened. Sam is so lovely and reserved. And your photos are Excellent Simon!

Simon Leong said...

hi cassie, hope you get to try it soon for some crackling love :-)

hi chris, all in moderation :-)

hi sarah, i wish it was closer to where i work so i could have it more often. thanks for the positive feedback on the photos. i try :-)

Chris Waghorn said...

I love the mouth watering stacks, and cups, of crackling!! Can't wait to eat here again.

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