22 November 2013

Heston Blumenthal Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding vs Coles Mini Christmas Pudding (7 Oct 2013)

Heston's magic pudding

I would never have thought to see a Heston Blumenthal product on the shelves of Coles so when I spotted his Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding ($7, 227g) and Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding ($18, 1.2kg) I was excited to try them. I've saved the Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding for Christmas Day with the family but was curious to compare the Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding with the much cheaper Coles Mini Christmas Pudding ($2, 110g). I've had plenty of the Coles mini pudding in past and have actually enjoyed them for what they are with ice cream. Steaming either pudding would take 30–40 minutes so I chose to microwave them which only takes a minute. I found the aroma and syrupy moist texture of Heston's pudding more appealing over the more cake like Coles pudding. It's definitely a rich tasting pudding which can be a little challenge to eat a lot of it but having some custard or ice cream will help cut through the richness. I still didn't mind the Coles pudding although it tasted more like a cake with sultanas and was much less moist. The Heston pudding also had a noticeable texture of nuts. Heston's packaging looks more special and sophisticated and would make for a nicer gift option.

PROS: Rich flavour and moist texture in the Heston pudding
CONS: Heston's pudding apparently sells out quickly
MUST TRY: Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding on Christmas Day
VERDICT: I enjoyed the rich flavour and moist syrupy texture of Heston's pudding. I think best enjoyed with custard or ice cream.
Coles Heston Blumenthal from Waitrose - Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding ($7, 227g), Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding ($18, 1.2kg)

Coles Mini Christmas Pudding ($2, 110g), Heston from Waitrose Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding ($7, 227g)

Steam for 30 minutes or microwave for 30 seconds — I choose microwave

Steam for 40 minutes or microwave for 1 minute — I chose microwave

Heston has nicer packaging — looks more special

Heston pudding is larger and visually looked more moist

Coles Mini Christmas Pudding ($2 110g) — tasted mostly of sultanas and cake, not too dry but not very moist either

Heston from Waitrose Hidden Clementine Christmas Pudding ($7 227g) — very moist, tasted brandy, fruit & nut texture, syrupy, intense flavour so balance with some custard or ice cream


Richard Elliot said...

Here in the UK Heston has done a range for our upper class* supermarket Waitrose, so it doesn't surprise me that he is pushing a range of food into supermarkets around the world.

*Yes the UK is bizzare enough to have a class based supermarket system!

Shanshan Lam said...

wow! didn't even know you could get this, def a must try this year over xmas! was also great to catch up with you over the weekend!

Amanda@ChewTown said...

I do quite like the look of that Heston product. Great review!

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, hopefully australia will get more of the products one day. class based supermarket hehe good observation

hi shanshan, i saw some ads on tv advertising it. then one day i was passing by the supermarket shelf and saw them all. felt compelled to try it.

hi amanda, thanks! i'm really looking forward to the hidden pudding on xmas day although something tells me it will be super rich.

Anonymous said...

Heston's Hidden Orange is the best Christmas pudding I have EVER tasted! A word of warning - you will be back for second and third helpings ;-)Oh well, it's only once a year! As for Waitrose, you get what you pay for - good quality food.

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