03 February 2014

How to have your puppy and eat it too (31 Jan 2014)

Shop 9.22 World Square Retail, 680 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Nose to tail puppy love

After the initial curiosity and excitement of half my office taking photos of this puppy cake it was down to business of eating it. First decision to make was where to make the first cut. The most obvious answer was 'off with its head' — and so we did with screams of laughter and awkward fascinations. Thankfully no kids were witness to this and probably shouldn't be unless parents want to give their kids morbid instincts with their much loved pets. In the end it was quite a nice cake. The sponge was fresh and soft. The flavour of the tiramisu was pleasant. The face was made up of a generous amount of icing cream for those who really love their sugar fix. It made for a fun afternoon tea to celebrate Chinese New Year even though it wasn't a horse cake which might have been more appropriate for Year of the Horse. I'm left pondering why such a cake would actually exist in the first place and if there's any significance of it being a dog rather than having other animal cakes available. If anyone has a theory please feel free to share.


PROS: Potentially m akes for a humorous cake cutting time
CONS: Dog lovers might be mortified
MUST TRY: Finding out who first invented the puppy cake
VERDICT: Was quite an enjoyable cake if you can negotiate finding a piece that doesn't have too much icing cream

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Sophie @ TeaThymes said...

hah smooched puppy face :P I've had this cake for previous birthdays! It's cute and sweet.

Chris @ MAB vs Food said...

How sadistic of you to enjoy mutilating such a cute little puppy hehe :P

Simon Leong said...

hi sophie, definitely cute before it's cut up :-)

hi chris, all in the name of afternoon tea ;-)

The Jugernauts said...

actually laughed scrolling down.

good stuff.

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