04 January 2015

Sydney Food Bloggers Choice Awards 2014: Open for nominations (5 Jan 2015)

Share your favourite vote

Nominations are open to passionate Food Bloggers, Food Instagrammers and Food Twitterers to vote for their favourite eats around Sydney in the Sydney Food Bloggers Choice Awards 2014. The award aims to tap into the stomachs of the food bloggers and allow them to share their favourite recommendations for each of the categories below. There are 40 categories in total with most categories remaining the same as in the Sydney Food Bloggers Choice Awards 2013 but I've also introduced 8 new categories being Crepe, Cronut, French Toast, Lobster Roll, Pork Crackling, Portuguese Tart, Sourdough and Sushi.


Favourite Bacon & Egg Roll
Favourite Bagel
Favourite Banh Mi
Favourite Burger
Favourite Char Kway Teow
Favourite Chicken (Charcoal)
Favourite Chicken (Deep Fried)
Favourite Churros
Favourite Coffee
Favourite Crepe
Favourite Croissant
Favourite Cronut
Favourite Cupcakes
Favourite Degustation
Favourite Duck Pancakes
Favourite Dumplings
Favourite Fish & Chips
Favourite French Toast
Favourite Gelato
Favourite Hot Dog
Favourite Laksa
Favourite Lobster Roll
Favourite Macarons
Favourite Oyster Bar
Favourite Pancakes
Favourite Pho
Favourite Pie
Favourite Pizza
Favourite Pork Crackling
Favourite Portuguese Tart
Favourite Ramen
Favourite Reuben Sandwich
Favourite Ribs
Favourite Roti
Favourite Sourdough
Favourite Steak
Favourite Sushi
Favourite Taco
Favourite Vegetarian
Favourite Yum Cha

How to nominate:
Download the latest excel spreadsheet nomination form 'Sydney Food Bloggers Choice Awards 2014_Nomination Form' available from: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sydneyfoodbloggers/files/

Once you've filled in your nominations and details on the form please email back to me at simonleong.hotmail.com by Friday 16 Jan 2015. Remember you don't have to fill in all the categories, just the ones you want to.

I'll collate all the nominations and will share the results in a post that can freely be viewed and shared. All food bloggers that provide nominations will be mentioned in the post with either their blog website, instagram or twitter account.

Important dates:
5 Jan 2015: Nominations open for voting
16 Jan 2015: Closing date for nominations
End of Jan 2015 TBC: Final announcement of nominations

Social Media:
Hashtag: #SFBCA2014

1. You must be a food blogger, food instagrammer or food twitterer that predominately shares and gives opinion on the photos of food you're sharing on your blog or social media.
2. You must live in Sydney or have lived in Sydney when you visited.
3. Only one nomination allowed for each category.
4. Nominations are for places located in Sydney only.
5. No money will be accepted for these awards.

Adriano Zumbo accepting his award for Favourite Macaron in 2013

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