05 March 2012

Malaysian Dish: Char Kway Teow

Searching for Char Kway Teow

There are many key dishes I must try in a Malaysian restaurant and one of them is Char Kway Teow. It certainly needs a good amount of wok hei to give it that signature smokey flavour to have any chance of a return visit. They tend to use cockles in Malaysia but it's hard to find a place that uses them in Sydney. So far I've only found clams used at Petaling and More More Cha. Just as hard to find is fried pork fat. Most versions have prawns, fishcake, egg, bean sprouts, Chinese chives and flat rice noodles and preferably some Chinese sausage. It's probably not the healthiest dish but it can be very satisfying if cooked well. Like a good barista for coffee a good char kway teow is only as good as its cook. Here's a listing of all the Char Kway Teow dishes I've tried so far with links to their original review.

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Laksa Laksa
262 Pitt Street, Sydney (31 Jan 2012)

Yummy Cuisine
Martin Place Shopping Circle, Sydney (1 Mar 2012)

Petaling Street
Haymarket, Sydney (8 Feb 2012)

More More Cha
Darling Harbour (25 Jan 2012)

Jackie M Malaysian Cuisine
Concord (24 Mar 2011)

Wong Kee Fast Food
CBD Sydney (2 June 2010)

Sayong Malaysian Cuisine
CBD Sydney (19 Oct 2009)

Chili Hub
CBD Sydney (2 Sept 2009)

Albee's Kitchen
Campsie (16 Aug 2009)

Jaya Malaysian
CBD Sydney (13 Aug 2009)

Malay-Chinese Takeaway
CBD Sydney (29 Apr 2009)

Little Singapore Restaurant
Sunnybank QLD (17 Nov 2008)

KL Kopitiam Malaysian Cuisine
Haymarket (19 Oct 2008)

Kuala Lumpur
Malaysia (12 Apr 2007)


Our Beauty Philosophy said...

Yummmmm!!!!! Thanks for sharing! Im so jealous of all this good food your eating! I definitely will be going to a couple of these places

kewpie said...

wife loves the one at martin place! for her birthday she took a day off from work just to have lunch there. that's how much she loves it.

Tina @ bitemeshowme said...

Looks like you've had more than your fair share of char kway teow ;)

Simon Leong said...

hi elle, be sure to try my favourites first so you can compare to all others

hi kewpie, yummy used to be under centrepoint tower called '28'. they had quite a popular following back then and now are pretty popular in their new home.

hi tina, and still more to come I hope. i need to try them in Melbourne too.

Joe said...

Simon, if you're looking for another decent char kway teow (in my mind anyway) try the one in Singapore Shiok, in Eating World on Dixon street, close to more more cha. Its, as the name suggests, a more singaporean styled one so its wetter, has more dark sauce and has both kway teow and hokkien mee. AND it uses pork lard! Used to be $8 a plate but there was a price raise last month, still very worth it!

(they do a mean chicken rice too!)

Simon Leong said...

hi joe, thanks for the recommendation. i've tried their chicken rice, hor fun and har me which were all good so i hope their char kway teow will be just as good :-)

Anonymous said...

I wouldnt have a clue about Sydney, but here in Freo, at the Old Shanghai opposite Freo Markets the noodle store does the best combo Kway Teo. I think Mama there must be missing me as much as I miss her. I keep promising myself to explore the menu more, but the man-size serving of Kway Teo always wins out. Im a Char Kway Teo addict and Mama would probably keel over if I ordered anything else. Its not the healthiest option, but the taste makes up for it. Pass the chilli please.

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the recommendation. i had to work out what Freo was. I'm assuming Fremantle?

[ stephi ] said...

you should try the Char kway teow at north rocks chinese kitchen. its so tasty. a little spicey, a little peanutty. i bought it once just to see why all the other people were buying it, and i understand why now. just so tasty~

Simon Leong said...

hi stephi, thanks for the suggestion. did you take a photo of it. sounds like it has it's fans even though it's located in a Westfields (food court?)

Anonymous said...

Not exactly in the city, but here's another suggestion for good authentic CKT. My Malaysian girlfriend brought me there once and successfully got me addicted to Malaysian food. Plenty of clams, plenty of wok hei, generous amounts of pork fat and chinese sausages, enormous portions, good service, plenty of yelling in cantonese/hokien/mandarin from the kitchen. A must try. Also popular for seafood.

Sinma Laksa House
3/391 Anzac Parade
Kingsford NSW 2032
(02) 9313-7663

Simon Leong said...

hi anonymous, thanks for the recommendation. some mixed reviews on urbanspoon http://www.urbanspoon.com/r/70/752038/restaurant/Kingsford/Sinma-Laksa-House-Sydney but will keep in mind when i get a chance to check out.

Violet SWEET Creations said...

Hi Simon
Sinma Laksa (kingsford, cnr or anzac parade and bunnerong rd, near kingsford roundabout) has very good CKT. They do put pork fat, which you're looking for, but no clams

Simon Leong said...

hi violet, thanks for the recommendation. i'll have to check it out. i know of the place but haven't had a chance to try as yet :-)

Anonymous said...

Do checkout Alice's Makan at 580 George St cnr of Bathrust St (food court) is pretty good.

Anonymous said...

definitely go to Alice's Makan at HSBC Centre in George St across from KFC. best char kway teow ever. only minus the clams, but still good.

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, i've tried Alice's Makan in their new location but preferred it back in their original thornleigh location. such a pity it's served on flimsy plastic plates now too.

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