03 February 2015

McDonald's Limited Edition Big Mac Special Sauce #macitbetter (2 Feb 2015)

Maccas gets saucy

Mark Lollback, Chief Marketing Officer of McDonald's Australia, said "Big Mac sauce is one of the most iconic McDonald's ingredients and people often ask us wehre they can buy it, so we're excited to be the first country in the world to offer tubs of Big Mac sauce to our customers"

I'm no stranger to the occasional Big Mac but when presented with a 500ml bottle of the Special Sauce I'm kind of stuck to know what to use it for. Thanks to This Is Mango for the product sample which celebrates 40 years of the Big Mac Special Sauce and for the month of February will be available to purchase in 25ml tubs for all those hardcore lovers. Apparently I've been told you could always order it as an extra although I've never thought of doing that myself. I'm more a tomato sauce kind of guy with my fries. For charitable lovers of a good cause the #1 of 200 bottles produced is up for auction on eBay with proceeds going to Ronald McDonalds House Charities. As I write this post I can't believe it's already up to $23,100 and the auction runs until 9 pm Wed 11 February. There's some seriously cashed up Special Sauce lovers out there.

PROS: Special Sauce lovers can purchase tubs in February, Make everything tastes like a Big Mac if that turns you on
CONS: Limited time only, Best not look at the ingredients of the special sauce
MUST TRY: Thinking of ways to use the sauce
VERDICT: Special Sauce fans will go crazy while I'm more than happy just to have it in my next Big Mac

What's in the Big Mac Special Sauce? Here's the ingredients.

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