30 November 2008

Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier, Balmain (30 Nov 2008)

296 Darling Street, Balmain NSW 2041

Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat
308 Darling Street, Balmain NSW 2041

Sydney Food Bloggers raid Zumbo!

I'm usually not up before noon on a Sunday but an invitation to a meetup of Sydney food bloggers at 11 am to sample the new summer season of desserts at Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier was a good excuse to get me out of bed.

The event was organised by I Am Obsessed with Food and well-attended by the likes of:
Chocolatesuze (review)
Citrus and Candy (review)
Not Quite Nigella (review)
Grab Your Fork (review)
The Delectable Delight (review)
The Cake + The Knife (review)
OOh, LOOk... (review)
EatShow&Tell (review)
The Way It Crumbles
Here comes the FOOD (review)

Below are some of the desserts sampled by bloggers. I missed out on photographing atleast 3 other desserts which will hopefully be covered in their blogs. I look forward to more food adventures with my fellow foodies.

Food bloggers calm before the storm of photographic frenzy

Mocha to wash down the sugar overload $3

Have a chat Kai! - Coconut dacquoise, lychee jelly, coconut mousse, coconut crunch, fresh strawberries & lychees $7.80 (my selection), Gluten free

Strawberry and peach danish $4.50 (my selection)

Berry custard brioche

Miss Marple Cheescake - Orange cheesecake with orange strawberry compote, cream cheese créme legere with a crepe & maple glaze $7.50

Tarte aux fruits de la passion - Pate sable, passionfruit créme $5.50

Chocolate fondant - Flourless chocolate cake $5.50

Cassius - Chocolate biscuit macaron, blackcurrant chocolate cremeaux, chocolate plates with sea salt, dark chocolate Chantilly $7.80, Gluten free

Wheely Wildly Wendy - Fresh roasted peach in a tonka bean créme legere and sandwiched between two almond dacquoise disks & rolled in almond crumble $7.60, Gluten free

Paris - La Vie en Rose - Rose creme brulee, raspberry sorbet balls, fresh lychees, petit rose macarons and coconut strawberry tapioca shake $13.50

Dr.Apple - Pistachio dacquoise, apple cider jelly, vanilla creme chantilly, calvados cooked apples, green apple mousse $7.70

Past jobs - Kaffir lime & ginger pannacotta, black sticky rice pudding, exotic fruit jelly, palm sugar mascarpone $7.50, Gluten free

Craigie bam! - Chocolate dacquoise, chocolate sabayon with salted caramel debris, chocolate caramel creameaux, caramel mousse $7.50, Gluten free

On the lounge with Zumbo - Mango financier, raspberry & liquorice jelly, fresh mango slices, liquorice mousse, mago caramel glaage $7.50

Zumbo the kid - Vegemite bavaroise, peanut butter créme legere, raspberry jelly, chocolate peanut glacage, peanut feullitine, flourless chocolate biscuit $7.50

Woo Hoo - Pate sable, raspberry coulis, pistachio ganache, pistachio nougatine $6.20

Sunny cloud - Pate sable, lime jelly, yoghurt créme fraiche, lime curd & italian meringue $7

Charles du Jour - Tart pate sucree, vanilla ganache, vanilla créme chantilly, vanilla water bursts, vanilla glacage $7.60

UZC - Biscuit macaron, sweet corn jelly, saffron bavaroise, vanilla brulee $7.80, Gluten free

Framboise Millefeuille - Raspberry coulis, biscuit jaconde, raspberry créme mascarpone & caramelised puff pastry $7.50

The Younger Years - Chocolate fondant with raspberry coulis, vanilla anglaise injection & peanut butter gelato $13.50

Comfy cushion seating in the café

The aftermath at Adriano Zumbo Café Chocolat


Annie said...

Jealous! Looks like between you guys you got to try everything in the shop! I will definitely have to try and make it to the next one! Great pics Simon.

bowb said...

wow. what a roundup! and so many cakes i didn't even know existed. now i really don't know what to have next. ;)

PS that berry thing is a berry custard brioche.

Simon Food Favourites said...

Hi Annie, it did seem like we just about tried everything in the store.

hi bowb, thanks for the description. very helpful indeed, i wish i knew how much it was too.

S :-)

Karen said...

I just realised after looking at your photos that I missed out on tasting a few of them! *slaps forehead* I guess that means a revisit - besides there's still the cafe menu to get through! Great to meet you and hope we do it again :)

Lorraine E said...

Great roundup! How did you manage to resist buying a cake? :o I can't make a visit without buying 2 or 3!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi karen, hope to see u again at another foodie event. i'm thinking somewhere to find the best Chicken Rice in Sydney?

Hi Lorraine, i bought the Have a chat Kai! and Fruit Danish. i actually think they are my fav, perhaps only because they actually have real fruit in it so i don't feel so guilty having them :-)

s :-)

Anonymous said...

Great photos and post. Such good fun with so many people who share the same passion ^^!

Nice to meet you and I hope for many more sugary outings :)

Belle said...

Hi Simon, Great to see you. And you're in a couple of my photos! Till next time...

chocolatesuze said...

wow awesome post! great to finally meet ya dude!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Great to meet you, even if it was only briefly =) Maybe next time I'll be a bit more organised and come along for the whole thing! (as opposed to accidentally ;) ) Sounded like lots and lots of fun!

Miss Honey said...

Great to meet you Simon! See you next time:)

Emily Snapper said...

I absolutely love the idea of bloggers getting together to sample food! Can I join? I help run www.foodsnappers.com - it is all about food bloggers sharing their pics!

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi emily, i hope the foodsnappers goes really well. looks like a great idea.

Emily Snapper said...

Thanks Simon! Hope to see you on there - www.foodsnappers.com is in it's early stages but we have strong hopes for it! Love this site by the way :)

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