03 March 2009

March Into Merivale Launch Party, Sydney (3 March 2009)

Establishment Hotel
252 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Merivale Party Time

OMG!!! Free drinks and canapés were provided by Merivale's restaurants to anyone that turned up for their March Into Merivale Launch Party. It was a feeding and drinking frenzy and it seems the economic downturn hasn't stopped Merivale showing how to party in style. I'm sure the delicious samples of food will entice many of the punters to return and try other dishes from the menus and possibly partake in the various special events throughout March.

As a food blogger it was one of the most challenging events to try and cover because once the food was made and presented it was quickly grabbed and ravaged by vast hordes of hungry people surrounding the serving areas. Many times I had to squirrel away with my sample and photograph in a tucked away spot, then finally eat it of course. I enjoyed all the food I managed to sample and really loved the BBQ waygu top sirloin steak with chimichurri from Mad Cow which I was lucky enough to spot as I was walking out. Even amongst the bustling frenzy I still found the level of service remained very friendly and welcoming.

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Lining up to enter Establishment at the 6 pm starting time

Hordes of hungry and thirsty punters take over Establishment Hotel

ucello: Porchetta

ucello: Prosciutto grissini

MAD COW: Charcuterie-game terrine, rabbit rillettes, chicken liver pate, toasted brioche

MAD COW: 'Prawn cocktail, poached spencer gulf prawn, iceberg lettuce, tomato chilli jam and tomato jelly

est.: Ravioli of prawn, shellfish and lemongrass vinaigrette

est.: St Agur blue cheese, peach and champagne jelly canapé

est.: Tartare of aoraki salmon, cucumber, wasabi and ponzu. [Each of these were served at different times so not sure if they are supposed to be the same]

bistro cbd: Freshly shucked rock oysters with golden shallot dressing. [And they were getting shucked one by one]

bistro cbd: Grilled figs with St Agur blue cheese

Ash St Cellar: King Fish ceviche with shaved fennel, dill and lime

Ash St Cellar: Mini frangipane tart with freshly whipped cream

teppanyaki: Ocean trout sashimi with ponzu sauce, caramel syrup, chives and red basil

teppanyaki: Spanner crab on betel leaf with lemongrass, chilli, coriander, fish sauce, lemon juice, palm sugar and topped with sliced katafiy pastry [this is how they spelt it for me but I don't think it's right because I can't find it in Google]

Establishment: Sausage roll with fig conserve. This was randomly served by waiters so I assume it's from Establishment.

Sushi Choo: Nigiri [I think it was tuna]

lotus: Prawn rolls with aioli and jalapeno chimchurri

ucello: Mini Tiramisu

MAD COW: BBQ wagyu top sirloin steak with chimichurri

Drinks a plenty being served

est. serving area

Establishment bar area

Ash St Cellar serving area

Drinks on offer at the bar


Karen said...

Wow you got to try so many canapes! My fave was Akira Urata's wagyu burgers!

It was crazy in the beginning but after chatting to a few insider ppl (and a few chefs) they were very helpful (and gave me first dibs on the food). Still free food can make for some crazy people!

Howard said...

Your quick mate, good effort on the shots it was a bit of a dog's brekky with the crowd.

shez said...

well done on the shots indeed. it was a mad house in there!

and oh! kicking myself for not having hung out for the tiramisu. it looks so lovely.

Linda said...

oh wow.. i can't believe i missed out of free food and drinks. The BBQ wagyu looks good

Helen (AugustusGloop) said...

It was a photo battle indeed. I spotted you at one point in the crowd but it was all so very chaotic I think our paths diverged.

We didn't stick around the desserts. The tiramisu looks so good though maybe we should have!

Arwen from Hoglet K said...

It's nice to hear the service managed to be friendly in a crowd like that. I'm glad you got some photos of the desserts. They make good viewing for a sweet tooth.

billy@ATFT said...

You are so lucky to try so many other food that we missed out. I would love to try that sausage roll and the super cute tiramisu.

Simon said...

It's amazing the differences in perspective and shots when multiple people blog about the same event.

I don't know whether it was your intention to stay around as long as you did but thanks for doing so. There are a number of dishes that I've not seen on other sites that are on yours.

Looks like it was a great event.

Anonymous said...

Hahha great to see you again mate! But damn your photo are soooo much better than mine haha Good work on snatching up all the good foods!

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