24 March 2009

Malay-Chinese Takeaway: Malaysian & Chinese, CBD Sydney (24 March 2009)

Shop 1, 50-58 Hunter St, Sydney NSW 2000

Always consistent

I think this very popular place is one of the best in the city to satisfy your cravings of har mee, chicken laksa and assam laksa. I always compare other laksas to this place and not many, if any, are in the same league for depth of flavour and consistency. I believe their assam laksa is made only once every 5 weeks. Arrive early for a seat or expect it to be packed by 12.30 lunchtime.

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Har Mee $9

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Seafood laksa

Assam laksa

Chicken laksa

Visited: 8 March 2012
Seafood laksa ($11.50) - decent sized prawns, lots of seafood, good depth of flavour in broth

Visited: 5 April 2012

Assam Laksa ($9.50) — Previous visit seemed to have more fish flakes throughout but this was still good. Lots of chilli kick and flavoursome broth

Lunch time crowd already busy by 12 noon. Arrive by 11.45 am if you want to get a table more easily.


Anonymous said...

MC is definitely the real deal especially the har mee and assam laksa. Funny how we were just telling Karen that this is the place if she wants good laksa and harmee. :)

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I tried chicken laksa there...very good but I really want you to try laksa in ''Laksa Me'' in Melbourne. The best laksa I have had so far...The soup is soooo thick and spicy.. It's on Liverpool st. near Parliament.. If you got a chance to go Melbourne, please give it a try !

Ps. I went to Laksa Me in 2007 .. I hope its still as good as last time. I will go to Melbourne this coming Apr, I will let you know if it is still the same quality:D

YaYa said...

I love this place, I eat a tofu laksa there at least once a week!

Anonymous said...

Simon, have you ever tried the laksa noodle in UNSW? There is this small foodcourt in the upper campus near the "Matthews" theatre which serves laksa noodle with a thick and flavoursome soup base with mixed noodle. Whilst nearly every city worker says Malay Chinese has the best laksa in town, the one at UNSW is on par if not better. Definitely worth exploring.

Simon Leong said...

hi billy, glad to know malay-chinese is the real deal. i have yet to find a better laksa in Sydney although i'm pretty fond of jimmy's seafood laksa at victoria galleries as well — seafood extender never tasted better!

hi bean sprout's cafe, i'll be going to melbourne next april so will have to keep a note of it to try for sure. hope it's still as good and still there.

hi yaya, i think they use the best spongy tofu in town, no wonder you love it so much. soaks up all the juices.

hi anonymous, i've yet to try laksa noodle but thanks for the tip. i'll have to try and make my way there. i guess UNSW has so many Asian students that they have to make a good one :-)

Margie said...

Hi Simon,

I think the best Laksa in Sydney is Happy Chef in the Sussex Centre Foodcourt!! It is huge and so damn good! The soup is amazing. There's also one in the food court at Market City, Haymarket. It's pretty good but Sussex St one is definitely the best.

I love Assam laksa too! Very hard to find in Sydney. I've tried Assam Laksa at Malay Chinese, Jimmy's Recipe and To's Malaysia, North Sydney. I didn't think the last two were very good. MC's one is still the best but hope to find even better in Sydney.

Every 5 weeks for assam laksa is too long! They should make it weekly!! It would definitely sell although i am very biased. I think every 5 wks works out to be the first Thursday of the month. I wish they would just say that because it's hard to figure out every 5 weeks!!! (you need a date to calculate and it's got to be consistent).

Simon Leong said...

hi margie, thanks for the recommendation of Happy Chef in Sussex St food court. i'll have to check it out to compare to Malay-Chinese. Assam laksa seems to be a hard one to find indeed — especially a good one :-)

Anonymous said...

I 2nd Margie, Happy Chef is the best. My BF always orders (because they speak Mandarin to me and I don't understand it) the works with beef, dumplings, and tofu - all for 9 or 11 dollars. One bowl feeds us both and we're not skinny. The beef sooo good, it just falls apart. I made my BF try Jimmy's with me at the Galleries once and it just doesn't compare to Happy Chef. We still wanted to visit Happy chef afterwards.

Please review it and share your opinion.

Simon Leong said...

hi Anonymous, i've made a post it note as a reminder to try it one day for lunch. thanks for the recommendation :-)

A said...

This is by far my favourite laksa place. I have yet to try their assam laksa because I am just too enamoured by their basic chicken laksa to venture beyond it.

I did try their Hainan chicken rice, years ago and I wasn't too impressed unfortunately :(

Their chicken satay with peanut sauce, served with fried rice, is also very good.

Simon Leong said...

hi A, i've tried their chicken rice but found it pretty average as well. laksa is definitely their signature dish. i haven't tried their chicken satay though with fried rice so i might have to give this one a go next for something different. thanks for the tip.

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