23 February 2010

Fair Day: Official Launch of Sydney Mardi Gras, Victoria Park (21 Feb 2010)

Victoria Park, City Road, Chippendale NSW 2008

A great day 'out'

The sun was shining bright for this community event that officially launched the start of Mardi Gras Festival in Sydney. If you're a dog lover then there's plenty to check out including adorable ones in the dog shows. I can't believe how many competing Turkish Gozleme stalls I came across — six in total! That's ridiculous — they are literally taking over the festival world for sure. I decided to try the Seafood Paella instead for $10 a bowl which was promoting the Spanish Terrazas Restaurant. Was quite nice for festival food and somewhat filled me up for the day. I came across some interesting and well designed cakes by Gay Cakes. They are running a competition until 31 March 2010 to win a $500 voucher — check out the details online. Dykes on Bikes were showing off their amazing looking bikes and there were fun rides throughout the park being enjoyed by the crowds. The official after-party was at the Bank Hotel in Newtown.

Happy Mardi Gras!

PROS: Fun day out, Cute dogs on show, Free entertainment, Friendly colourful characters, Fun rides
CONS: Limited parking, Limited food options, Weather
MUST TRY: Remembering to put sunscreen on

Colourful characters

Gay cakes

Dogs on show

Seafood Paella

Seafood Paella $10

Turkish Gozleme on mass
Stall number 1

Stall number 2

Stall number 3

Stall number 4

Stall number 5

Stall number 6

Dykes on Bikes
Ride with Pride with Dykes on Bikes

Victoria Park

ANZ stage – free entertainment

Enter by Donation


john@heneedsfood said...

Hmmm ... that paella is looking a little stodgy. Not that I'd expect much more from a big event like that. Gosh, I haven't been to Fair Day for a few years now. We drove past it yesterday and it looks like it has grown in size significantly. They'll be moving it to the Domain soon!
great photo's Simon! Happy Mardi Gras!

billy@atablefortwo said...

ahh fair day... good to see you are "out" and about. ;)

3 hungry tummies said...

oh the gay cakes are cute :)

Angel Chris said...

Excellent blog post with wonderful pictures of Mardi Gras event in Sydney.. Gay cakes are superb!
Sydney Harbour Charter

Phuoc'n Delicious said...

HAHA Bring on Mardi Gras! Love the colourful characters, gay cakes and Seafood Paella.

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Great pics Simon! I agree with you re the number of gozleme stalls too! We were there for an hour and the sun was so hot we left pretty quickly; it was interesting to see Epping's The Patisserie all the way out here too.

YaYa said...

Happy Mardi Gras everyone! I believe there was a wasted opportunity to do a gozleme taste off, hehe! You mean you couldn't stomach 18 different types of gozleme (assuming 3 types from each stall) to see which was the best? ;-)

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

LOL how many gozleme could there be? Sounds like you had fun!

Simon Leong said...

hi john, it was a very popular event although still not too overly crowded to get around which was good. perhaps the really hot weather made it more of a challenge to attend for some. I think Victoria Park is about the same size as The Domain.

hi billy, you cheeky monkey hehe perhaps your next T-Shirt could be based around Gay Cakes? would sell quite well at the next Mardi Gras.

hi 3 hungry tummies, the gay cakes were pretty cute. there's so much talent out there for cake decorating.

hi angel chris, thanks for the positive feedback.

hi Phuoc'n Delicious, i always have a giggle at your blog name although perhaps I'm pronouncing it wrong ;-) happy mardi gras!

hi joey, i missed the The Patisserie stall but saw them at Eveleigh Markets. your 6th to comment this time, your usually the first. you must be busy hehe

hi yaya, a gozleme taste off! what a brilliant idea. perhaps next year we get a few bloggers together to do it :-) whose up for the challenge?

hi lorraine, was a very fun day. i guess for some there's never enough gozlemes. but i think 6 is more than enough.

Y said...

Love the pictures, especially the cakes!

Simon Leong said...

hi y, glad you like the photos. cakes were awesome looking :-)

Phuoc'n Delicious said...

Hehe.. Yeah I love the name too! Well my name is pronounced like "fook"; just think of Austin Powers and the Jap twins "Fook me" and "Fook u" LOL

Simon Leong said...

hi Phuoc'n Delicious, i thought that's how it might have been pronounced. cracks me up! hehe :-) very cheeky!

Gay Cakes said...

Hey Simon,

Thanks very much for all your support. We had a great time at Fair Day on the Gaycakes stall and it was great to see a real enthusiasm for what we do.

I am now an avid follower of your blog...its great to find out about all the new food stuff that is going on around us.

Thanks again !


Simon Leong said...

hi gay cakes, great to hear fair day was a successful event for you to be part of. thanks for following my blog, i really appreciate it :-) i look forward to seeing all the other amazing cakes you create in the future.

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