03 July 2010

MasterChef masterclass: How much is too much butter? (3 July 2010)

Good Morning Butter!

So its been a long time since I've been home on a Friday night which meant I could finally watch a MasterChef masterclass with Gary and George. They were making Mushroom Risotto, Eggs Benedict and Gateau Opera last night. OMG ... I can't believe how much butter these guys use in their cooking recipes, is that normal? It's quite frightening, especially in the Gateau Opera — it was actually making me feel very queasy. I'm now very scared to order desserts in restaurants knowing how much butter can potentially be used in the recipe but somehow I think it still won't stop me. Why does it have to taste so good :-( — a good case for 'ignorance is bliss'.

While eating breakfast this morning I thought to honor Gary & George's love of so much butter I'd prepare a butter breakfast. I wonder if they'd think this is totally normal — perhaps it is to them? :-)


Laura said...

butter makes me cringe, seriously. its disgustingly unhealthy.

Unknown said...

it is so gross how much butter they put in their dessert!

well it does make it taste better doesn't it? lol

Richard Elliot said...

Welcome to France! ;-)

Kristy Sayer-Jones @ Southern In Law said...

I thought exactly the same thing,
They definitely use too much!

I wish they'd do a healthy masterclass!

YaYa said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks their use of most fats is excessive (ok I know that's why their food tastes so much better than mine but still!) a "little" olive oil becomes a whopping great splash, butter becomes 50% of the ingredients, yikes!

john@heneedsfood said...

Would you like some toast with your butter? I've got to say I adore butter and anything it goes in, though my arteries may beg to differ!

Agnes said...

Haha hilarious. What a great looking breakfast. ;)

Simon Leong said...

hi laura, it's a shame it has to make things take so good though.

hi ann, there's got to be a way to make nice tasting desserts which doesn't have so much butter though. we need more recipes like that i think.

hi richard, so French isn't it. they seem to be healthy though aren't they?

hi kristy, a healthy masterclass would be great. i think every recipe they're ever done has used butter in some way or another. it's like they're doing a promotion for butter on Masterchef.

hi yaya, i guess you can see that they've actually gained a bit of weight since the last series so i'm sure the butter has got something to do with it ;-)

hi john, hopefully a balanced diet and exercise will help us be able to eat the tasty butter we get in a lot of restaurant cooking.

hi agnes, i think gary would love this butter toast for brekkie ;-)

tangerine eats said...

I remember once I used 500g of butter in a cake and it was delicious. Small portions, small portions lol

Elaine (Three Wise Pigs) said...

I'm ashame to say that I'm guilty of slathering my bread, or corn with a shit load of butter :P

Someone did mention to me that it will eventually get the better of me!

Leo Payten said...

It is amazing that most of the DELICIOUS desserts are made up of butter. Why do they have to be so yummy?

thanh7580 said...

They do indeed use a lot of butter. I remembered they made a mashed potato last season and there was seriously more butter than potato.

I'm also surprised at how much butter is used in frostings for cakes and cupcakes. I usually use only 1/4 of the recipe amount and that's still too much.

But yeah, why does butter have to taste so good.

Simon Leong said...

hi tangerine eats, oh yeah, small portions indeed. my sugar level goes sky high if i have cake and then i want to sleep :-)

hi elaine, shit load of butter HEHE i tend to love butter on my corn with salt, pepper and paprika mmmm. perhaps it's not good to think about it too much although everything in moderation they say.

hi leo, i think butter must be made by the devil, that's why it tastes so good :-( and it's always disguised in cakes and desserts which makes it even more dangerous.

hi thanh7580, i remember that mashed potato as well when they used so much butter. it's really bad. it doesn't need that much butter to taste good i think. i think MasterChef do it just for shock value and i think it's quite irresponsible cooking, especially in today's life. i think they should try and concentrate more on healthy cooking recipes because all this butter can't be good in the end.

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