30 July 2010

Boom Banana: Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich, Surry Hills (30 July 2010)

27 Oxford Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

BOOM BOOM schnitzel time!

I've passed this tiny juice and sandwich shop countless times, which is nestled next to the Darlinghurst IGA supermarket, but have never thought about checking it out until today when I received a reliable tip that they do a roaring trade of Chicken schnitzel sandwiches for only $5.50. They've got a menu board of around a dozen suggested sandwiches to choose from but you can also just choose your own ingredients like any other sandwich shop. Seeing the large piles of precooked chicken schnitzel gives me the impression that it's definitely one of their more popular choices. The no-nonsense service is quick and efficient and within minutes I'm off carrying my small brown paper sandwich bag to the park. The very light weight sandwich makes me think it won't be very filling but anything deep fried and crumbed is a good filler in the end.

The chicken is surprisingly moist and tender with the right amount of crunch on the crumbing. It's a simple sandwich that's tasty and cheap, especially on the stock standard white bread. If you're looking for a monster sized chicken schnitzel sandwich then head Big Bite on Pitt but I prefer Boom Banana's chicken schnitzel. If you prefer it in a tasty baguette then head to Taste to try their version.

Other reviews of Boom Banana:

PROS: Cheap, Tasty, Fresh
CONS: Can get busy when ordering, Small space at service counter, No seating
MUST TRY: Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich

No. 2 sandwich: Chicken schnitzel with lettuce and mayo $5.50

Plenty of chicken schnitzel ready for sandwiches

Small shop front

Boom Banana next to IGA

Hyde Park very close to eat your sandwich

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Laura said...

I recently found a few little shops like this near me & some places like this rock.


doggybloggy said...


Trissa said...

The place I really love is taste. Have you tried their Portuguese sandwiches?

john@heneedsfood said...

Looks like a really good sambo! Nice price as well. The ones at Via Abercrombie are twice the price, mind you twice the size

sarah said...

If you LOVE chicken schnitzel sandwiches, you have to have to try city edge on Resevior St surry hills. best in sydney i think :-D

Sarah said...

oh and foursquare agrees! http://foursquare.com/venue/322898

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi laura, you gotta love the small shops that do nice food.

hi doggybloggy, sweetness indeed. i gotta try their fresh juices next time.

hi trissa, Taste if one of my favourites too. their Classic Vietnamese baguette is so nice with generous amounts of pickled carrot and radish and so cheap for such quality.

hi john, i've been once to Via Ambercrombie but can't remember what i ordered. possibly the chicken schnitzel but i didn't take photos. i'll have to revisit. i do remember them being part of the big sandwich shop league like Big Bite on Pitt http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com/2009/10/big-bite-on-pitt-sandwiches-sydney-6.html which can be easily shared between 2.

hi sarah, thanks for the tip. i must try indeed. i've put in my diary for next week to venture there now for lunch :-)

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