01 August 2010

Carman's: New Muesli Bar Taste Testing (23 July 2010)

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Thanks to Sarah from Carman's Fine Foods for providing 3.63 kg of muesli products to sample including their 'NEW' Yoghurt Apricot & Almond Bar and Dark Choc Cranberry & Almond Bar. With so many to try and had to share the love and do a taste testing session with my work colleagues. The clear favourites of the day seem to be the new bars over the other bars which I personally agree with. The thin yoghurt and chocolate base helped break up the taste of the muesli for me. What I also enjoyed was the texture of the puffed rice inside this two bars which is also noticeable in the Deluxe Fruit Muesli Bar which would be my next preference.

It made me think of an idea for another bar flavour of combining the yoghurt base with predominately puffed rice, apricot and coconut with a bit of macadamia nut and raisins thrown in which I think would be a nice combination of flavours. For the WeightWatchers out there I worked out the new bars would be 2.5 points each.

Other product samples from Carman's:
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Muesli bar taste test centre

NEW: Yoghurt Apricot & Almond Bars

NEW: Dark Choc Cranberry & Almond Bars

Classic Fruit Muesli Bars

Deluxe Fruit Muesli Bars

Original Fruit-Free Muesli Bars

Apricot & Almond Muesli Bars


Anna said...

I love Carman's Muesli, it's s staple in my pantry cupboard. Have neber tried the bars though - they'd be good for when you're on the run I guess.

PS- love the bag!

Unknown said...

I'm super envious of your sampling pack. I totally <3 Carmen's.

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

I wanna try the Dark Choc Cranberry & Almond Bars :)

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

My most fave is the apricot and almond bar and now I am moving on to muesli, need more fibre in my diet =D

PIE-314 said...

the yoghurt bars look amazing!!

Madam Wu said...

My fave is the deluxe fruit one but the new dark chocolate and cranberry looks incredible. Breakfast on the go gets a serious makeover! Feel free to pass on any 'spares' you may have...!

Anonymous said...

I have tried the dark choc and cranberry, was quite good but not as filling as their original fruit muesli bars which are amaaaaaaaaazing. I think the dark chic ones are good if your craving chocolate/sweet stuff. I seriously eat 1 a day of their original fruit bars and am down to my last 2 after polishing 4 boxes of these. V jealous about your goodie bag I love carmans food!!!

Simon Leong said...

hi ladybird, i'll be doing a bit of a taste test of the muesli packs this weekend with milk/yoghurt. cute bag i agree :-)

hi christine, glad you love carman's. they seem to make a good product which is pretty healthy.

hi bean sprout's cafe, hope you enjoy them.

hi angie, i found the apricot and almond bar a bit sweeter than the other muesli bars but the dark choc and yoghurt are even sweeter and nicer i think. good way to get fibre into the diet i guess.

hi PIE-314, i'd definitely buy them for a snack on the run.

hi madam wu, the bars seem to save me when i'm having a breakfast on the run. i was hoping to save you one of each of the new bars for next time i see you. hope they'll be some left ;-)

hi anonymous, you're right about the new ones not being as filling as the original muesli bars but i prefer the taste. gee sounds like you are a power eater of their muesli bars. you should get a special discount from them :-)

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