28 February 2011

Firefly: Tapas-Bar-Wine, Walsh Bay (31 July 2010)

On the promenade, Pier 7, 17 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay NSW 2000

Intimate wine bar

I hope to revisit this small and intimate tapas and wine bar which only sits about 40 people which suits couples looking for a special night out. I was only passing by after dinner at the nearby Café Sopra for some dessert this time. The Burnt Orange Pannacotta with cardamon tuile ($12) was nicely presented in a shallow dish and I liked the refreshing topping of orange slices although the consistency of the pannacotta was quite thick compared to what you’d expect it to be. I tend to prefer when a pannacotta sits above the dish so you can check its wobbliness. Service was friendly and I enjoyed it with a lovely dessert wine. The promenade walkway is a great spot to leisurely walk around on a nice night. The renovations of the finger wharfs has certainly made the area much more safer and attracted new and exciting restaurants to try.

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PROS: Intimate and romantic, Water views, Friendly service
CONS: Limited seating, A little bit off the beaten track to get to
MUST TRY: Revisiting to try the tapas dishes

Burnt Orange Pannacotta with cardamon tuile ($12)

Intimate seating with water views

Sits about 40


Water and boat views

Walsh Bay promenade


foodie and the chef said...

This place looks gorgeous - that dessert is reason enough for me to go !

joey@FoodiePop said...

Walsh Bay may be off the beaten track but there is lots of parking usually available on the street. I've walked past here many times when dining at Arras but have never thought about going in. That panna cotta looks huge! And good!. :-)

Richard Elliot said...

I run past Walsh Bay once or twice a week and have never noticed that there is a Cafe Sopra. I must be blind!!!

Melissa@Melthefoodaddict said...

massive pannacotta! the place has great view!

Zina @ tastedbytwo said...

I was at Firefly in Lane Cove just last weekend and was pretty impressed overall. You have to try the zucchini fries - they are a revelation!

susan said...

I love sitting by the water, and this place looks so serene. The dessert looks pretty good too!

Susan Bennett said...

Cassettes - do they still make those things? I wouldn't mind trying one of those rum/sake creations.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi foodie and the chef, and Jump On It just promoted a deal which seems like pretty good value http://www.jumponit.com/sydney/restaurant-casual/firefly/banquet-dining/3246

hi joey, i always prefer free parking but you're right about there usually being a fair amount of available parking. panna cotta wasn't huge but enough to share nicely between 2.

hi richard, i think you must just be focussed so much on your running at the time.

hi melissa, i hope to revisit soon to try other yummy dishes.

hi zina, i'll be sure to look out for the zucchini fries next time :-)

hi susan, sounds like a good place for you to soak up the water view atmosphere

hi susan, i'm assuming this comment was meant for grasshopper http://simonfoodfavourites.blogspot.com/2011/03/grasshopper-laneway-dinner-cbd-sydney.html and yes the sake rum cocktail was good.

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