07 March 2011

Australian Bacon Week: Media Launch, Sydney (7 March 2011)

Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Bayside Level 2
Darling Drive, Darling Harbour NSW 2000

Waking up to Australian bacon

During Australian Bacon Week, 7 –13 March, hundreds of licensees around the country will be conducting in-store promotions which include bacon taste testing, price promotions as well as Australian bacon buy one get one free specials among other localised events.

Thanks to Stewart White from Whiteworks Public Relations for inviting me along to this Australian Pork media launch held at the Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre with great views over Darling Habour and the city skyline. There are only a few things in life that will get me up early in the morning such as an International flight or a big road trip to avoid traffic and the possibility of some free bacon seems to be on this small list — although I do know it’s a normal time for the rest of the working world to be getting up. Today the 8 am event was for the much loved and adored bacon — and more importantly for the 100% Australian variety. Apparently there are currently 293 butchers and smallgoods producers licensed to display the PorkMark on their products. Since the inception of Australian Bacon Week in 2010, the number of licensees nationwide has more than doubled which I'm sure will all help to educate the public.

To help fill the early morning stomachs a few bacon inspired canap├ęs were served up with orange juice and surprisingly decent coffee — although a simple bacon and egg roll would have sufficed for me like the one in the poster. The savoury English style bacon and pumpkin scone with chive mascarpone had small pieces of bacon throughout which were only slightly noticeable. I couldn’t quite taste the bacon in the Bacon and hazelnut focaccia with rosemary tapenade but it was freshly made and quite tasty. For a fuller tasting bacon experience the Pistachio and cognac chipolata wrapped in green bacon was cooked in the function room which attracted other conference attendees to accidently walk in from adjoining functions — probably due to the distinctive alluring bacon smell. 'Green' bacon actually means fresh bacon rather than being green in colour, which I actually thought it might have been — silly me. I would have loved a bit of tomato relish dipping sauce with it. I thought the Mini bacon and quail egg flan with goats curd and green olive pesto was also good and just the right size to enjoy a couple or more — an all-in-one bacon and egg tasting experience.

A couple of the NSW State level winners for the Full Rasher category were present to receive their awards. John Stojkovic from Pronto Smallgoods and Butchery in Carramar received 3rd place and Jason Rooke from Coota Valley Meats in Engadine received 2nd place. I wish we had the opportunity to sample the winning bacons somehow, simply cooked up and served in all their natural tastiness — maybe next year. At the end of the event all attendees received a goodie cooler bag of some of the National winning Schulz Smokehouse Bacon from Barossa Fine Foods — a weekend breakfast treat is now in hand.

Australia’s Best Bacon: Barossa Fine Foods, Schulz Butchers – Elizabeth West SA

National winners - Full Rasher
1st - Metcalf Quality Meats, Evans Head NSW
2nd - Coota Valley Meats, Engadine NSW
3rd - Pronto Smallgoods and Butchery, Carramar NSW

National winners - Low Fat
1st - Barossa Fine Foods, Schulz Butchers, Elizabeth West SA
2nd - Stamfords of Brentwood, Brentwood WA
3rd - Kanmantoo Bacon Company, Kanmantoo SA

For a complete list of 2011 winners click here.

Other National Bacon Week Launch events:
7 March 2011 – Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
15 March 2010 – Pendolino media launch

English style bacon and pumpkin scone with chive mascarpone

Bacon and hazelnut focaccia with rosemary tapenade

Pistachio and cognac chipolata wrapped in green bacon

Mini bacon and quail egg flan with goats curd and green olive pesto

Orange juice

Cappuccino and Mocha — both decently made with little bitterness, didn't need to add any sugar

Hot chocolate — nice flavour and not too sweet

Coffee and cooking station

Alyce and Stewart getting a sneaky photo of the bacon cooking

Andrew Spencer, Stuart White and Martin Carr getting ready for announcement of Australia's Best Bacon

Speech time

Martin Carr, Australian PorkMark program

Andrew Spencer, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Pork

NSW State Awards: John Stojkovic (left) from Pronto Smallgoods and Butchery receives 3rd place Full Rasher; Jason Rooke (right) from Coota Valley Meats receives 2nd Place Full Rasher

Goodie bag sample: Australia's Best Bacon 1st Place National Winner - Schulz Smokehouse Bacon from Barossa Fine Foods, Schulz Butchers

Nice balcony view of Darling Harbour and city skyline


missklicious said...

Mmm bacon...

Those scones look sooo good!

Anonymous said...

Ditto on the scones, I like bacon in small quantities because I find its flavour overpowering but I could easily eat two or three of those scones.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Seriously? Bacon week? Isn't everyday a potential 'bacon day'?

Simon Leong said...

hi missklicious, can't go too wrong with bacon

hi lateraleating, if there wasn't too many other things i'd probably eat a few more too

hi tina, that's true in Bacon World :-)

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