08 March 2011

Bean Temple: Bacon & Egg Wrap and Coffee, Surry Hills (4 Jan 2011)

Shop 1, 194 -198 Goulburn Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Coffee with a side of guns

Self proclaiming themselves as making 'Sydney's Best Bacon & Egg Wrap' and 'Surry Hill’s Best Bacon & Egg Wrap' is a big call although until proven wrong I guess it quite possibly might be. It’s a nice variation to serving in a roll or muffin which also makes it a little easier to perhaps eat on the run like a kebab. Bean Temple sits directly opposite the cold war style concrete bunker of the Sydney Police Centre. This must be why it’s one of the only cafes I’ve visited where you’ll see cops and their holstered guns making you feel somewhat safe and scared at the same time. If you’ve missed your parole check-in then it’s probably best to avoid this place.

The Bacon and egg wrap ($5.95) comes with bacon, egg, cheese, BBQ sauce, homemade aioli and fruit chutney. For extra taste kick you can add some of the chilli jam and pesto which is served on the side. Brunch dining companions order the reasonably priced and sized Chicken and bacon sandwich ($9.95) and Chicken and herb sandwich ($7.95) with favourable satisfaction. My cappuccino ($3 small) was non-bitter and nicely made with some depth of flavour.

PROS: Decent coffee, Reasonably priced menu, Nice tasting Bacon & Egg Wrap, Friendly staff, Grassy outlook, Some seating available
CONS: If you’re scared of the sight of guns or police then best to avoid this place
MUST TRY: Bacon and egg wrap to compare to all others you’ve tried, Coffee, Affogato next time for only $4.50

Bacon and egg wrap with bacon, egg, cheese, BBQ sauce, homemade aioli and fruit chutney with chilli jam and pesto on the side ($5.95)

Chicken and bacon sandwich with roast chicken breast, bacon, tasty cheese, fresh tomato, aioli avocado ($9.95)

Chicken and herb sandwich with aioli, mustard seed, basil pesto, fresh tomato, swiss cheese, baby spinach and herb chicken breast ($7.95)

Cappuccino ($3 small)


A close up of Sydney's Best Bacon & Egg Wrap menu

Leafy outlook


Opposite the Sydney Police Centre

Street entrance


susan said...

That wrap looks delicious and the price is so good as well. Looks like a perfect hangover cure!

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Mmmm, that looks a yummy wrap! Reminds me of a Maccas McMuffin. LOL

I like the name of the cafe too, Bean Temple. But surely if they have Sydney's best bacon and egg wrap, then they would also have Surry Hills' best bacon and egg wrap??? Unless for some reason Surry Hills is no longer part of Sydney!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like too many sauces for a wrap... did they give you extra serviettes? :)

Quay Po Cooks said...

Nice photos! Since I am too far away to the check the place out, I will virtually enjoy the food there.

Simon Leong said...

hi susan, a perfect hangover cure indeed

hi joey, maybe even a maccas breakfast wrap. i think surry hills sometimes thinks it's a world of its on ;-)

hi lateraleating, i got myself extra serviettes, definitely good to have on standby but it wasn't too messy

hi quay po cooks, glad you're virtually enjoying the food :-)

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