25 March 2011

Gemma & Anthony's Country Wedding, Berrico NSW (19 Mar 2011)

Berrico (near Gloucester) NSW 2422

A true blue country wedding

My friends Gemma and Anthony's country-style wedding brings me about 4 hours North of Sydney to Berrico, near Gloucester. A shuttle bus is thoughtfully offered to pick up those staying in town at Gloucester while other guests drove themselves or stayed on site at the property in their own camping tents. A feast was in hand with chicken, lamb and a whole pig on a spit cooking over coals as guests arrived to the property where the wedding and reception took place. Tables were set in playful themes and bombonieres took the shape of thongs for the ladies and little LED flash lights for everyone to aid navigation once darkness set in. A plentiful supply of wines, spirits and kegs of beer were on offer and Aerogard was on standby to ward off pesky mosquitoes from the nearby running creek. The wedding cake made by one of their talented friends took the form of a Scrabble set and sustainable cutlery and plates were used to devour the tasty meats, salads and desserts. A dance floor equipped with mirrorball and effects lighting ensured a party atmosphere continued late into the night, even after those staying in town were picked up by the midnight shuttle bus.

A casual BBQ the next day consisted of dozens of fried eggs and many kilos of bacon to go with the fresh bread rolls to help soak up the wedding alcohol hangovers. While Sydney city was hit with torrential rains over the weekend only fresh air and sunshine thankfully prevailed in the country to help make it a very special and memorable wedding for the bride & groom, guests, dogs and chickens. Indeed a very well thought out wedding that I'm sure made everyone feel very welcomed, relaxed and comfortable. I wish all the best to the newly weds whose fun-loving and down-to-earth personalities definitely shined through on their wedding day.

Arriving by shuttle bus to the wedding and reception

Pig on a spit

Lamb and chicken on a spit

Potatoes wrapped and ready for cooking on the fire

Camping ground on the property

Table place card

Thongs for the ladies to get out of those high heels

Refreshing fruit punch

Wine and spirits are stocked

Chickens wondering what all the commotion is about

Shed complete with dance floor (left) and kitchen (right)

Here comes the bride

Wedding ceremony


Thongs and shoes

Wedding cake

Table setting themes, Vampires - Games - Travel

Aerogard on standby

Dirt on dress — no worries

Sustainable cutlery


Roast lamb

Roast pork

Pork knuckles complete with super crispy crackling



Cheese plate

Fruit salad

Wedding cake

Outdoor table setting


Dance floor

Open fire place

Last shuttle bus back to town

Next day BBQ
Frying up the bacon and eggs

Bacon and egg roll

Bacon and eggs sunny side up

Friendly dog looking for some bacon handouts

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Vivian - vxdollface said...

looks like you had a wonderful time at the wedding! haha i didn't realise it was a wedding cake when i first glanced at it :)

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

Love the Scrabble board wedding cake, fantastic!

And how thoughtful to have thongs/flip flops for the ladies and cans of insect repellent for guests? :-)

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

That's jsut gorgeous - looks relaxed and much fun!
Hello piggy!

missklicious said...

Looks like such a fun and relaxed wedding. I didn't even realise the scrabble board was a cake!

Unknown said...

Wow ! Great Wedding & party! Looks like everyone had a fab time. The food are so rustic & great dessert & drinks selection ...a real country fare ! Thanks for sharing

Phil said...

The food was sensational! It was a wonderful wedding and thank you to Simon for the photos and helping me to remember it - my mouth is watering. The pork crackling is the best I've ever had and the selection of deserts just amazing.


What an incredible wedding.
So much thought obviously went into it....i love all the little details.
Looks like it would have been soooo much fun.


susan said...

That cake is fantastic and what a smorgasbord of desserts! I love weddings

Simon Leong said...

hi vivian, the cake was so well made i didn't realise it was a cake too hehe

hi joey, those thongs were definitely a hit with the ladies and a few gentleman.

hi tina, relaxed and fun made the wedding so nice to be at.

hi missklicious, i think i could have even played a bit of scrabble on that cake.

hi simster23, a true country wedding with a bit of style thrown in for good measure.

hi phil, i couldn't believe how many desserts there were but i think i tried them all hehe

hi nardivile, it's the little details that make it so special

hi susan, i love weddings too :-)

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