26 March 2011

Greenhouse by Joost: Revisiting for lunch, The Rocks (24 Feb 2011)

Circular Quay West, Sydney NSW 2000
Monday – Saturday: 7.30 am – Midnight; Sunday: 10 am – Midnight
Ends 28 March 2011

Last days before recycling

Greenhouse by Joost has certainly been talk of the town in the last month and for those of you lucky enough to try Chef Matt Stone's (picture above) dishes I hope you've found them as interesting and tasty as I have. Although I still prefer to eat my food with proper cutlery and plates instead of fragile plantation forks which can easily break under pressure and plywood made with possibly questionable glues suitable for human consumption. On my first visit the rooftop bar was still be finished but thankfully on this visit I can appreciate the amazing view it offers of the harbour and Sydney's notable landmarks. Menus are now printed to save service time in explaining what's available and the restaurants popularity is evident. Don't miss out if you haven't been yet, you only have til Monday I believe.

My Wagu [wagyu] beef gerello, green papaya, peanut, tamarind ($25) was excellent. Meat was tender as hoped and the balance of flavours throughout the dish was simple yet tasty. The Seared mullet, mixed tomato salad ($26) was again good and well liked with crispy skin and flavoursome tomatoes. The Pasta with anchovy, tomato, olives and fresh herbs ($22) was enjoyed very much although the Pizza with potato, caramelised onion, cheese and rocket ($15) was lacking something to make it more memorable although the base was very good. Freshly squeezed orange juice ($5) and Home made lemonade ($6) are both refreshing and served in glass jars for that uni student experience.

Other visits to Greenhouse by Joost:
24 Feb 2011 - Rooftop bar, Orange juice, Lemonade, Pasta, Pizza, Mullet, Wagu beef
15 Feb 2011 - Oysters, Fried spiced cauliflower, Pizza, Mullet, Watermelon Jelly, Coffee

PROS: Promotion of eco friendly, sustainability and waste-free, Well-presented and tasty dishes, Seems reasonably priced for the quality, Water and landmark views
CONS: Plantation timber cutlery feels like running your nails on a blackboard inside your mouth, Water tasted a bit like wine from the reused wine bottle, Watch out for sharp and rough edges around seating, Service at times seemed bordering on "we're over this" attitude and a bit too relaxed with pockets of friendliness and attentiveness
MUST TRY: Wagu [wagyu] beef gerello with green papaya

Rooftop bar panoramic view

Great views from the rooftop bar — although very sunny and bright during the day so evenings and night time would be more pleasurable

Sydney's smallest bar with best views — Small beer ($6), Large beer ($10). Little Creatures Pale Ale is a fruity refreshing choice.

Not what you want to see when arriving for lunch but the wait was worth it

Salt and pepper served in glass jar lids


Drinks menu

Water is served from reused wine bottles — unfortunately the lingering taste of wine is noticeable in the water

Freshly squeezed orange juice ($5), Home made lemonade ($6)

Wagu [wagyu] beef gerello, green papaya, peanut, tamarind ($25)

Plantation cutlery isn't quite up to cutting meat with a heavy hand

Seared mullet, mixed tomato salad ($26)

Pasta with anchovy, tomato, olives and fresh herbs ($22)

Pizza with potato, caramelised onion, cheese and rocket ($15)

Restaurant seating

Million dollar views watching the tall ship go by

Sugar cane and lemon for the homemade lemonade

Mens urinals unfortunately in full view of the toilet corridor — woman watch out and don't venture too far down the end of the cubicles

Greenhouse by Joost sits in a prime location


Phil said...

The Wagyu looks sensational, Simon :-) I'm surprised about the toilets - thought it was a legal requirement to have an "air lock"?

Views are to die for!

Nutmeg said...

sob... sob...T_T I checked your blog too late. I'm leaving Sydney and didn't have a chance to visit this place.

susan said...

I don't know about drinking out of glass jars and I still can't see why reusable cutlery is more environmentally friendly than things that you throw away. That fish with the tomato salad looks gorgeous though.

tom said...

wow I love it.

Simon Leong said...

hi phil, not sure what an air lock is but they seemed to work ok.

hi nutmeg, maybe it'll pop up soon where you live.

hi susan, i think it must be the reduction in using water to wash up and then the added detergent. all the cutlery i believe is biodegradable and made from sustainable resources. it's then composted. i wish i could cook fish that good at home but i'd put it on a proper plate.

hi sport, thanks for dropping by.

John Nguyen said...

wow these food are really yumm i will ask my mom cook like that, hope it's good. thanks

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