23 March 2011

Mad Cow: March into Merivale $33 menu, CBD Sydney (18 Mar 2011)

Level 1, 320 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

For simply the love of meat

Thanks to Richard Elliott for organising a casual lunch catchup to check out Mad Cow’s March into Merivale $33 menu which includes a wine or beer. This was our first time visiting the restaurant so we were looking forward to checking it out. The décor is nice and the roomy padded booths provide an intimate space to converse with your fellow diners. Complimentary bread is fresh and tasty and I order the 2008 Domaine Chandon Shiraz while Richard orders the 2006 Chandon Vintage Blanc de Blancs, both of which were good — alternatively a beer or the 2010 Domaine Chandon Sauvignon Blanc is available. My Black angus minute of fillet steak is usually $39 on the a la carte menu, topped with café de paris butter, and I believe usually includes fries and a green salad. Two small cuts equaling 200g is served on a plate with a side of lemon, you can’t get much simpler than that for presentation. Thankfully the steak is tender and cooked medium rare as ordered and its quality is evident with no sinewy bits found. You’d probably want to order some sides to share with this dish unless you’re a full-bred carnivore and someone that doesn’t make friends with salad.

The Beef city black angus scotch fillet is also 200g and comes with a small dish of spicy barbeque sauce which isn’t spicy at all but fairly mild and slightly sweet. A few drops of Tabasco would do the trick to give it a heat kick I was expecting. The steak is equally good and flavoursome but again sides would help fill out the dish. With compliments from the chef we received the other two dishes to photograph and sample before our steaks. The Moroccan vegetable bisteeya was nicely presented with the pastry filling bordering more on the side of sweet due to maybe sultanas in the mix and I was quite impressed with the substantial size of the Fillet of ocean trout. The lemon in the crushed potatoes really worked well and even though some of the thicker parts of the ocean trout was bordering on a little bit rare for me it was a nicely balanced dish. We also received a side of complimentary Shoestring fries ($8) which resembled the McDonalds cut variety and a very fresh Salad of field greens ($9) with a light dressing.

There was little time to stay around with deadlines looming back at the office but some complimentary petit fours provided a nice sugar hit for the afternoon which would have gone down well with a coffee. I really liked the outdoor adjoining courtyard, lounge and bar areas which look like a great spot to chill out with a drink or snack on the bar menu. In the end the steaks in themselves were good but I think the ocean trout dish won which you could happily have without needing to order any side dishes.

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PROS: Quality steaks, Nice décor and outlook, Comfortable and intimate booth seating, Nicely set background music volume, Efficient service, Reasonably priced sides
CONS: When you order steak it’s just a steak you get
MUST TRY: Fillet of ocean trout, The steaks if you have the budget, Tempting desserts for next time

$33 menu including glass of wine or beer

Soy and Linseed and Sourdough bread with butter (complimentary)

2008 Domaine Chandon Shiraz

2006 Chandon Vintage Blanc de Blancs

Moroccan vegetable bisteeya, baby beans, mint, pomegranate, yoghurt, cucumber ($32 on a la carte menu) [compliments of the chef]

Fillet of ocean trout, crushed kipfler potatoes, sauce vierge ($36 on a la carte menu) [compliments of the chef]

Black angus minute of fillet steak, 200g with café de paris butter ($39 on a la carte menu)

Beef city black angus scotch fillet, 120 day grain fed, 200g, spicy barbeque sauce

Shoestring fries ($8), Salad of field greens ($9) [compliments of the chef]

Petit fours [compliments of the chef]

Side dishes to contemplate

Bill $66 for 2 people

Head Chef Christopher Whitehead

Dining companion Richard Elliott with camera

Restaurant seating and decor

Outside bar and courtyard area

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Richard Elliot said...

It was great to catch up with you for lunch!

I think you summed up Mad Cow really well. The wines and steak were very high quality for the money, but the ocean trout was the dish of the day.

hollypop said...

i went here last week and it was so good! i loved the included fries & salad. i got the minute steak as well and enjoyed it so.

Jasmin said...

I've been meaning to pop in for some March Madness but struggling to decide where to head too. I think you may have just made the choice for me, those steaks look perfectly cooked to me and I love cafe de paris butter.

john@heneedsfood said...

Nice bit of meat there Dimon, very nice. Sorry I couldn't go :(

joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I like the yellowness of this place, and you're right about the steak, just a slab of beef on a plate, which forces you to order sides.

Amber said...

Wow, that looks lovely, and the salmon dish, yummmmm!!!! nice blog, following!!! :D

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Looks pretty yum - nice pics ;)

susan said...

I would definitely get that ocean trout, it looks wonderful. Haven't been here for years.

OohLookBel said...

Mad Cow has great steaks but it looks so lonely on the plate. The $33 deal is good, though.

Anonymous said...

If you really want to maintain your integrity as a food blogger you shouldn't accept dishes "compliments of the chef"

Food Fashion Victim * said...

Looks like nice food at a very reasonable price!!
I went to Uccello's March into Merivale 2010 but have yet to try Mad Cow. Looks like it will be next on my list !*

Simon Leong said...

hi richard, good to see you too. glad we got to try the ocean trout.

hi hollypop, glad you enjoyed it as much as i did.

hi jasmin, hope you get to try it.

hi john, hopefully see you next time.

hi joey, i wonder if yellow makes you want to eat more steak? seems like a lot of restaurants like doing the single steak on a plate presentation.

hi amber, thanks for dropping by and following :-)

hi tina, thanks to the new camera i'm getting more depth of field now, or less of it i should technically be saying i guess.

hi susan, ocean trout might be the go.

hi bel, it does look a little lonely, especially if you're used to having a steak with chips and salad on the same plate in pubs.

hi Anonymous, you might be right but i don't want to insult the chef :-) besides you can count on me still giving an honest review no matter if it's free or not.

hi Food Fashion Victim, i'm glad i've tried Mad Cow now. was a very nice experience.

Anne said...

Next time i go to mad cow, I'm definitely gonna try that minute steak. It looks divine!

Simon Leong said...

hi anne, hope you had a nice Let's Do Lunch with them :-)

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