12 April 2011

Dedes Restaurant: Seafood Platter & Desserts, Abbotsford (10 Apr 2011)

613 Great North Road, Abbotsford NSW 2046

Spoilt for so much choice

Thanks to Denea (Gourmet Rabbit) and Dedes Restaurant for inviting me to this special event to sample the signature hot and cold seafood platter and four of the desserts. The Dedes Group certainly love their waterfront locations with Flying Fish and Deckhouse also in the mix. I’m sure anyone planning a wedding reception or function would love to consider these places if its within their budget. The restaurant manager Kelly Payne looked after our round table of nine with a high level of professionalism and down-to-earth service. Head Chef Luis Da Rosa was responsible for preparing the Hot and cold seafood platter ($136.50 for two, special platter made for four pictured above) which was impressive. Usually served in two stages, first cold and then hot dishes, it was a sight for starving eyes and bellies. The only thing missing was perhaps some mussels and scallops to make it a complete bottom of the sea feast.

The Baked barramundi was flavoursome and cooked nicely. Halved Scampi were decently sized and the Salt & pepper calamari was ridiculously enormous and thankfully very tender although the heat of the dishes quickly made the coating soft so somehow separating these on the platter would help to retain some crispness — and maybe making them smaller pieces so one didn't feel so guilty eating them. A small bowl of cold served Marinated octopus came with feta and olives. Prawns were of the large king size variety and deveined ready to eat. The darkish looking heads could have perhaps looked fresher but they seemed to be OK. Smoked salmon was as you’d expect and the Sydney Rock Oysters from Wallis Lake were A-grade in size and possibly freshly shucked because they still seemed to retain some of their salty brine but I wasn't 100% sure — I hope they were.

The step-back-in-time Horseback prawns were wickedly deep-fried balls of prawn and bacon which were too good to stop at one — I think I ended up having four, with the consent of my fellow diners. I really enjoyed the plump amount of Crayfish tail meat with its light fried coating. An item that you don’t see in cheaper seafood platters. The Hand cut chips were seriously enormous in carb content and tasty although suffered like the calamari in losing their crispness quickly when buried under the hot dishes. Perhaps serving them separated in a paper cone or basket might keep them crispy for longer. As a special treat Yaya (owners mum) prepared two bountiful side dishes of green beans and chicory dressed in lemon and olive oil with her homemade love — she’s such a treasure. I generally prefer a crisp iceberg lettuce or coleslaw salad to compliment the seafood but the vegetables were welcomed amongst all the protein of the sea.

The second stage of the late lunch was straight into desserts created by Chef Jason Langthorne. First up was the Strawberry crème brûlée ($14.50) matched with a not too shabby Moët & Chandon Brut ($100 bottle). I’m usually a purist with crème brûlées but the strawberry worked really well although perhaps a more interesting serving dish would have made it a bit more presentable. The Chocolate truffle dacquoise ($14.50) was a winner for me. I couldn’t get enough of the wonderful tasting Turkish delight ice cream. Matched with a Frangelico frappe which I think should be offered as a menu option or maybe with Baileys. The Flourless citrus cake ($14.50) had an excellent citrus zing that ended up balancing well with the semi freddo. The cake itself was probably drier than I’d prefer but perhaps this was because it was flourless? Matched with a Piccolo latte for a caffeine hit which wasn’t too bitter. Finally the majestic looking Baked rhubarb tart ($14.50) was a table favourite matched with some NV Galway Pipe Port. I was hoping the crowning toffee had some flavour but it didn’t and I think it would have benefitted from a thinner base and a crunchier cinnamon crumble but the rhubarb was nicely cooked with enough sweetness for my liking. Yaya made some homemade pumpkin pie with her own filo pastry which was a nice treat for all. Petit fours set everyone over the edge by this point and the Peppermint tea ($5.50) was indeed a lifesaver for settling the stomach before rolling out the door.

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PROS: Water views, Plenty of seating but filled up due to popularity (Sunday lunch is their most popular day), Quality ingredients, Nice presentation of dishes, Parking on site and free street parking available
CONS: Platter is expensive but it’s quality, Hot chips and calamari need to be separated to retain their crispness on a platter
MUST TRY: Oysters, Hot and cold seafood platter if you love a bit of everything, Chocolate truffle dacquoise or dessert tasting plate for two if you can’t decide, Revisiting to try other menu dishes

Lemon, Lime & Bitters; Sparkling

Hot and cold seafood platter: Baked barramundi, scampi

Hot and cold seafood platter: Scampi, salt & pepper calamari

Hot and cold seafood platter: Marinated octopus

Hot and cold seafood platter: Prawns

Hot and cold seafood platter: Smoked salmon

Hot and cold seafood platter: Oysters
SIMON FAVOURITE :-) — Predictable I know!

Hot and cold seafood platter: Horseback prawns

Hot and cold seafood platter: Crayfish tail

Hot and cold seafood platter: Hand cut chips

My plate of seafood

Yaya’s green beans with lemon and olive oil

Yaya’s chicory with lemon and olive oil

2009 Watershed Unoaked Chardonnay, Margaret River, WA ($40 bottle)

Strawberry crème brûlée & vanilla bean shortbread ($14.50)

Moët & Chandon Brut ($100 bottle)

Chocolate truffle dacquoise, almond praline & turkish delight ice cream ($14.50)

Frangelico frappe

Flourless citrus cake, lemon semi freddo & orange caramel ($14.50)

Piccolo latte, Cinque Stelle espresso by Vittoria

Baked rhubarb tart, cinnamon crumble & toffee apple ice cream ($14.50)

Perhaps a bit too much base for me and crumble could have been crunchier and less powdery

NV Galway Pipe Port

Yaya’s homemade pumpkin pie

Dessert tasting plate for two ($24.50)

Petit fours

Peppermint tea ($5.50)

Event menu

Kelly Payn restaurant manager

Head Chef Luis Da Rosa

Dessert kitchen team and Head Chef Luis Da Rosa

Cameras ready? Maybe? No? Yes?

Let's shoot this dessert!

Hello! Isn't this the biggest chip you've ever seen.

Denea with Yaya’s homemade lentil soup

Yaya's Greek Easter Bread

Entrance to Dedes Restaurant

Sunday lunch is a popular time

Water view

Room with a view at 5.24 pm on Sunday

Bar area

Watergrill restaurant — more casual dining

Car parking if you're lucky

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joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I don't think I've been to Abbotsford before; the view from the restaurant looks great! Love the seafood platter and the desserts. Mmmm.

Wendy @ obesebaby said...

The pumpkin pie looks like Chinese red bean pastry, the Chocolate truffle dacquoise is def. The winner for me. This place is good it's got water view and close to city which would be a good middle point fir those who lives in inner west or west like me :)

gastronomous anonymous said...

it was so lovely to finally meet you and thanks for the laughs and tips about camera :)

great write up! see you soon?

susan said...

Wow my parent's used to go here for rotary meetings all the time. It certainly looks different from when they used to go.

Corinne @ Gourmantic said...

The photos are making me hungry all over again! But wait... no bathroom shot? :)

Great to see you again, Simon!

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, the locals are pretty lucky to have such a nice place in the area

hi wendy, i can see why it's a popular place on the weekend

hi gastronomous anonymous, i hope you decide on your camera soon. you'll love it i'm sure once you get one. see you soon!

hi susan, sounds like they've done a renovation on the place since then.

hi corinne, bathrooms were good and had those fast blowing hand dryers but nothing so special or weird that cried out for a photo this time :-)

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