03 April 2011

Deckhouse: Social Media Brunch, Woolwich (3 Apr 2010)

Clarke Road, Woolwich Dock NSW 2110
Twitter: #deckhousebrunch

Ideally located to impress

Head Chef Samantha Lockery has worked with Neil Perry at Wockpool, Serge Dansereau at the Bathers Pavillion, Kylie Kwong of Billy Kwong and catering companies such as Belinda Franks

Thanks to Denea Buckingham from Gourmet Rabbit for inviting me to the Social Media Brunch at Deckhouse. I’ve often heard of the suburb Woolwich but have never had the opportunity to discover it’s grand old-money properties with leafy streets of well-established trees. Deckhouse has only been open for nine months and its spacious interiors and surrounding deck take full advantage of an excellent panoramic water view towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The river outlook reminds me of Berowra Waters Inn but thankfully with air conditioning except if you’re sitting around the side verandah where it can get uncomfortably hot and glary during a sunny day.

The waterfront views combined with a well-experienced head chef sets a high standard for an attractive function and dining experience location. Starting with a Jansz sparkling at 10.30 am might be considered a bit early for some so a decent Cappuccino ($3.90) requiring no sugar was also available. A rich depth of fruit flavours were appreciated in the Fruit and yoghurt topped with granola but perhaps some extra fresh fruit and seasonal berries would have been a nice addition. A platter of Field mushroom and feta tart was flavoursome with a light and crispy pastry as hoped. A good combination of flavours was had in the Peppered soft shell crab, pickled cucumber, red radish and round mint although the soft shell crab might have retained more of its crunchy light batter if separated on top of the well-presented dish. A few homemade treats from YiaYia’s kitchen (Managing Director’s mum) were also on offer including Pastizzio and delightfully thin Spanakopita.

An interesting combination of ingredients in the Prawn, peach and peri peri salad seemed to work well and I’m glad the quality prawns were properly deveined. The Haloumi cheese with smoked apple and olives also came with sultanas or raisins I believe. The haloumi was tasty although bordered on slightly squeaky which might have been due to not devouring it quickly enough upon being served. Orange juice ($5) and other juices don't seem to be available as freshly squeezed which would be more preferable to my liking. For those with a sweeter tooth the Mocha ($4.20) or Chai Vanilla Latte ($4.20) would probably serve you well. For those who still had stomach space the Individual mini tempura fish and fat chips fit the bill which were thinly battered and cooked to a nice crispness.

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PROS: Water views, Quality ingredients, Well-presented dishes, Plenty of seating, Interesting menu, Available for functions, Free nearby parking available but fills up quickly, Good coffee, Friendly and professional service from Tom
CONS: Side verandah can get hot and very glary, Would be nice if juices were freshly squeezed
WORTH TRYING: Fruit and yoghurt topped with granola, Peppered soft shell crab, Coffee, Fish and chips
MUST TRY: Revisiting to sample other enticing menu dishes

Fruit and yoghurt topped with granola

Field mushroom and feta tart

Peppered soft shell crab, pickled cucumber, red radish and round mint

Prawn, peach and peri peri salad ($16, $24)

Haloumi cheese with smoked apple and olives ($16, $23)

Pastizzio from Yaya's kitchen

Savoury pastry from Yaya's kitchen

Spanakopita from Yaya's kitchen

Savoury pastry from Yaya's kitchen

Individual mini tempura fish, fat chips and tartar sauce

Jansz sparkling

Cappuccino ($3.90)

Orange juice ($5)

Mocha ($4.20)

Side of chocolate with every coffee — I actually thought it was sugar so make sure you take it

Chai Vanilla Latte ($4.20)

Barb Moore from Deckhouse welcoming social media guests

Getting to know the social media guests

Head Chef Samantha Lockery (left) serving up the dishes

A few special dishes from Yaya

Denea from Gourmet Rabbit

Inside seating — popular Sunday brunch time

View looking out from function space

Side verandah

Front deck

Panoramic water views towards Sydney Harbour Bridge

Cute Doghouse available for a well-deserved water break

Toilet aromatherapy oil burner — nice touch


joey@forkingaroundsydney said...

I've never been to Woolwich! LOL. The views are fabulous.

john@heneedsfood said...

It really was a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday morning. Bubbly wine, good food and sunshine. Love your shot of the dogs!

Tony Hollingsworth said...

Great post again Simon - you are indeed a speed demon when it comes to publishing, and I thank you for it. Your photos and narrative capture it all so beautifully. What an incredible way to spend a Sunday morning. Look forward to the next one.

susan said...

I came to Deckhouse for a friend's engagement a couple of weeks ago and thought it was gorgeous. I had never even been to woolwich before, the houses around there are amazing and the hotel looks worth visiting too.

Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Some of Yaya's snacks look YUMMY!

Simon Leong said...

hi joey, first time for me too. i'd go back though.

hi john, the timing of the dogs was so lucky. i quickly jumped over to take that photo :-)

hi tony, i try to be as fast as possible for these types of events otherwise i'll never get them up. see you hopefully at the next one :-)

hi susan, glad you had a good time the last time you visited. i'd certainly love to come back.

hi tina, yaya has a very lucky family :-)

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