12 May 2011

Ivy Bar: MIXXIT’s Magnificent 7 Cocktail Competition Final, Sydney (12 May 2011)

Level 1, 330 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000

World Cocktail Week in Sydney

Now in its second year, MIXXIT’s Magnificent 7 Final is the culmination of a 12-month search for the most talented bartender in the country.

One of my favourite words in the world is 'free' and when mixed with 'cocktail' it's a lethal recipe that attracts me to check it out. The promise of a free cocktail was honored by turning up to this free event at the Ivy Bar in the form of a Bootleg Benny Cocktail which was made with attention to detail and most importantly didn't skimp on the alcohol content. I've got no idea what was in it but it was topped with nutmeg I think. Tonight's event in celebration of World Cocktail Week was hosted by Jason Crawley and had seven Australian bartenders competing for the prize of being jetted off to New York to attend the World Famous B.A.R. course hosted by Dale De Groff and Mixxit champion Dave Wondrich. Sadly the only people that had the opportunity to try the cocktails being made which used products like Bols and Makers Mark were the judges although they looked pretty darn special but unfortunately there was no spectacular cocktail flaring to be seen on the night.

Bartenders that competed in the final:
Bill Bewsher - 399 Bar WA
Chris Amon – 1806 Bar, VIC
Ben Tua – Mint Nightclub, W.A
Sebastien Derbomez – Hemmesphere, NSW
Asher Pratt – Three Weeds Bar Rozelle, NSW
Tim Wastell – Nova Cinema, VIC
Darren Leaney - Grace The Establishment Bar, SA

Other Merivale World Cocktail events this week:

PROS: Free cocktail upon arrival made to order, Wasn't particularly crowded, DJ and nice decor with party atmosphere, RSVP wasn't required and friendly door staff upon arrival
CONS: Didn't get to try the bartender cocktails being made for the judging panel, Sometimes hard to hear what the bartenders were saying and what they were doing
MUST TRY: Finding the recipe for the winning cocktail

Bootleg Benny Cocktail (complimentary)

Bartender 2

Bartender 3

Bartender 4

Bartender 5

Bartender 6

Bartender 7

Bols and Maker's Mark

The judges

The crowd


Photographer with one hell of a kit

Bartender Hair Wax

Free T-shirt caught in tree

Bar staff making 'Bootleg Benny Cocktail'

Ivy Bar terrace

Funny promotional cut out displays

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Ben Tua said...

The winning Cocktail was the Nuntakit's Punch :)

30ml Courvosier vsop
30ml Cruzan Single barrel rum
20ml Bols Apricot brandy
60ml Fresh Pineapple Juice
20ml Citrus peal sugar syrup
30ml Fresh Lemon juice
5ml camapri

Combine all ingreadents, shake hard, strain over crushed ice in a highball float campari on top.

Simon Leong said...

hi ben, thanks for the info. much appreciated :-)

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