26 May 2011

Chocolatesuze’s 28th ‘Quentin Tarantino’ Birthday at Bartino, Pyrmont (21 May 2011)

9 Union Street, Pyrmont NSW 2009

Chocolate meets Tarantino

Chocolatesuze aka Gogo Yubari is one of Sydney’s biggest sugar lovers and celebrated her 28th birthday with an invitation to food bloggers to be part of her ‘Quentin Tarantino’ themed party. Receiving over 60 RSVPs it was a night of drinks and canapés with amusing dressups and some mischievous out-of-control ‘take no prisoners’ chocolate cake fighting. It was a great chance to meet up with many other bloggers in person and to put a face to a name, blog website or twitter handle. I thought the best costume prize should go to Rachel from The Creamy Middles who came as The Bride in Kill Bill complete with blood stained face, body and wedding dress. I heard she apparently walked to the event all the way from Kings Cross to Pyrmont — OMG. Second prize for commitment to the theme should go to Simon Park from who shaved his head to be Marsellus Wallace from Pulp Fiction, minus the gimp mouth ball strap, I think.

Susan provided a generous bar tab and canapés for guests to enjoy. I really like the scallops which were served in a thai curry sauce I think and the oysters with a champagne jelly were a close second of the night. The funniest moment of the night for me was when I was about to take a photo of a group when Susan suddenly jumped into my shot screaming with laughter as the flash went off creating a hilarious photobomb — check out the funny photo result below. I hope the birthday celebrations were a great night for all that attended and I look forward to hearing all about how the chocolate shenanigans started in the first place which left many with a face full of chocolate.

The party food
Prawn cocktail



Chicken satay

Oysters with champagne jelly


Paella dish

Scallops in thai curry sauce

Vegetarian canape

A nice thirst quencher
James Squire The Chancer Golden Ale ($7)

The chef

The party guests
Chocolatesuze as Gogo Yubari from Kill Bill

Simon Park — Shaved his head for the character


You never can have too many nurses: Betty Yin - Sugarpuffi, Vivian - VXDollface, Daphne Wong - I Don't Cry I Eat

Me as Jules Winnfield (minus the facial hair and dark skin) and Josh as Vincent Vega from Pulp Fiction

Jennifer Reid - Life's Like a Cupcake!, Bianca Alosi - Eat Drink Write

Birthday cake time


Lola - Figs & Brie, Charles Wang & Brooke Krumbeck - Gluten Free Mischief

Andry Suriaputra & Helena vania Pusparini - foodyphile

Strike a pose

Canape service with a smile

Trina - The Gourmet Forager, Bianca Alosi - Eat Drink Write, Gianna - The Empty Fridge

Chocolate fun time

Lily Wu - Tangerine Eats

You can never have too much loving — or perhaps you can?

OK, what's going on here!?

Frangelico with a chaser of red bull

Musings and Morsels checking out Morsels & Musings for the first time

The stayers

The venue
Upstairs bar

Downstairs restaurant

Outside seating

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Lola (Figs and Brie) said...

Oh my god, public shame! Hahaha thank you Simon for the hilarious photos

sugarpuffi said...

Great coverage as usual! Ur always the only person with a full set of food photos at an event like this when everyone is busy getting drunk haha!!
Whooh nice pics of me :D

Jennifer Reid @ Life's like a Cupcake! said...

Love the photos & the post Simon...you've captured the fun of the night so well!! Sydney Food Bloggers are a great bunch, & I'm so glad Chocolate Suze is like a mother hen gathering up all her chicks, or I would never have got to meet all you lovely ones face to face! :)

Forager @ The Gourmet Forager said...

I don't think there were nearly enough photos of you Simon! Where's the debaucherous shot of you?

Anonymous said...

Great photos Simon, they capture the night well. I even found Charles creeping around in the background of some, which I am not surprised. Lol.

Anonymous said...

LOVE that Suze photobombing photo!Great photos of the food too.
Heyy I thought you were posting after you got home on the same night? ;)

R. said...

Great photos, as always! It was a fun night.

I am highly amused at how perky I look, all covered in blood :p

chocolatesuze said...

bahahahaha oh man awesome photos simon!

muppy said...

Great photos :) Those oysters were sublime. So much fun, wish i could have stayed longer.

Ringo-chan said...

Mmm that food looked delicious!
Awesome photos too!

Phuoc'n Delicious said...

Totally agree with Trina! Not enough pictures of you.. But nice capture of the night dude! That photobomb pic of Suze was well caught

joey@FoodiePop said...

Wow, what a fun evening! Shame I had to miss it.

So much dedication to dress up! Truly impressed!

Anonymous said...

Great costumes!

idontcryieat said...

Great pics, simon! and good coverage of the place! i was too busy talking haha
nice to meet you!
daph xox

Foodyphile said...

Love love love it :D Awesome night and only person that would just barge in straight to the kitchen. *with a quick permission that is* haha. Nice work Simon :D

Josh said...

AHAHAHAHA!! Photo sniper. Great stuff mate

Anna (Morsels and Musings) said...

love it!

sara (Belly Rumbles) said...

Suze is so cute on the photo bomb. Great pics Simon. Josh is suck a camera whore!!

MissPiggy said...

Looks like a great night - and I CANNOT believe Simon shaved his head for his fancy dress! And thanks for the photos with links to some blogs I've not come across before.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi lola, thanks for the hilarious face pulling ;-)

hi sugarpuffi, food comes first for me plus i got there late so everyone had a lot more to drink than me

hi jennifer, was a good night for all that managed to attend

hi forager, it's a bit hard to do the one armed bandit photo shots of myself now with a SLR camera

hi lil miss stack it, that charles gets into all the shots

hi oh-ayana, i think suze might be a professional photobomber. was too tired to post that night, was a late night.

hi r, your costume made it a fun night :-)

hi suze, that's for a fun night.

hi muppy, great to hear you had a fun night.

hi ringo-chan, thanks a million.

hi phuoc, perhaps not enough people taking photos of me ;-)

hi joey, it's great when people make an effort to dress up.

hi lateraleating, makes for some great photos

hi idon'tcryieat, great to meet you too

hi Foodyphile, there's no harm in asking to see the kitchen and chef :-)

hi josh, good seeing you again

hi anna, i met some of your new fan club

hi sara, he sure loved that camera didn't he

hi misspiggy, dedicated to the cause indeed

shaz said...

Hi Simon, Great to meet you (and everyone else) that night. Wonderful pics, and round-up of the action.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi shaz, great to meet you too. see you at the next one i hope :-)

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