12 May 2011

Centennial Park Kiosk: 30 years on and still going strong, Centennial Park (8 May 2011)

Shelter Pavilion, Duck Pond, Parkes Drive, Centennial Park NSW 2021

Still popular after 30 years

I fondly remember visiting the Centennial Park Kiosk many times when I was a kid on my bike to get an ice cream and after all these years it's great to see it's still going strong. This time I try the Bacon and Egg Roll ($5.50) which uses a fresh roll and fairly lean bacon which is good to see. It's not too messy to eat and hits the spot for an early tasty brunch. Their Hot chocolate ($3.30) is served very hot so be careful when sipping it — I nearly burnt my tongue but thankfully has a decent depth of chocolate flavour. The kiosk is well-positioned pretty much in the centre of the park and is close to one of the best ponds to watch black swans, ducks and if you're lucky some sneaky slimy eels close to the waters edge.

PROS: Friendly and efficient service, Reasonable prices, Some table and shelter seating nearby but limited, Gelato available in 12 flavours, Fresh air and sunshine on a good day, They have a real coffee machine
CONS: Limited menu selection, Weather permitting for a nice day out, Open only Saturday and Sunday
MUST TRY: Bacon and Egg Roll, Next time I'd like to try the hamburger deluxe and gelato

Bacon and Egg Roll ($5.50)

Hot chocolate ($3.30) — served very hot so be careful when sipping

Kiosk next to shelter pavilion

Drinks on offer

Menu boards

Duck pond filled with plenty of black swans

Swan meets eel

Why do swans rest their feet on their back?

Where there's food there's pigeons

Head down Parkes Drive until you get to the intersection of Randwick Pond and Duck Pond

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Tina@foodboozeshoes said...

Can't say I remember the kiosk (we always packed a picnic) but I definitely remember feeding the ducks in the lake :)

muppy said...

You've got to love a kiosk!!! (especially if it sells edible food :)

Anonymous said...

Have you decided to write in the style of James Joyce?

Anonymous said...

I love how you review all places in the same style, without discriminating against lack of fanciness of the eatery :)

Jenn Brigole said...

I can still remember the first time I got my tongue burned with their hot choco. It was a sunny day and the sky was perfect and so my aunt decided that we visit the park. I wasn't really paying attention when I got my cup, and when I took a sip I tripped on a small rock. Good thing it still tasted good. :) I miss the kiosk.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi tina, i've got some great family photos of me feeding the ducks at the same pond

hi muppy, seems to be a popular spot so hoping it edible too hehe

hi anonymous, i'm not sure. what style does James Joyce write in? English? ;-)

hi lateraleating, wherever there's food it all gets the same attention to detail :-)

hi jenn brigole, i think i'll remember burning my tongue too now :-)

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