08 May 2011

Robocog Cafe: Home of the Freezochino, Surry Hills (4 Jan 2011)

249 Riley Street, Surry Hills NSW 2010

Robot obsession

Behind the cute and innocent white wooden facade of Robocog Cafe lies an obsession with robots which would certainly be the downfall of anyone that has a case of Automatonophobia. I pick the Freezochino ($4.50) based solely on the name. Coming up with funny or strange menu names is a great marketing gimmick which usually works on me. The low fat ice coffee frappe is generous in size and certainly a refreshing if not chilling way to cool down the taste buds. My friend's Tutti frutti ($4.50) is a mix of fruit and berries freshly blended and is well liked. Service was friendly and the limited seating outside is filled up quickly by its popularity. I hope to return to try the coffee and other items on the menu.

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PROS: Reasonably priced menu, Good selection of fresh juices, Interesting display of robots
CONS: If you have Automatonophobia then do not enter, Place is quite small so seating can be limited during busy times
MUST TRY: Coffee and the bacon and egg roll next time to compare

Freezochino: Low fat ice coffee frappe ($4.50)

Tutti frutti fresh juice with mixed fruit and berries ($4.50)

Coffee menu

Fresh juice and frappe menu

Breakfast menu

Sandwich menu


Service counter

Feature wall with nice bicycle

Robots on shelfs

Robots on car

Robot on wall

Robot in toilet

Outside seating at front


hollypop said...

but..how many fixed gear bicycles did you count?

muppy said...

Looks like a gorgeous little place, and i can't go past a good coffee frappe :)

Anonymous said...

After reading your blog for a while, I have this question - what's the point of taking pictures of menus if they are impossible to read??

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi hollypop, i think i only counted 1 in the cafe?

hi muppy, i hope you get to try it one day.

hi anonymous, thanks for the feedback. i was wondering if it might be too small to read. i've now updated with some cropped in menu shots. hopefully it makes it a bit easier to read :-)

Anonymous said...

Simon, that's better, thanks for that. I think it's a good idea to put bigger pictures of menus all the time. When a cafe/restaurant doesn't have a website, blogs are the only way to find out what they offer.

Simon Food Favourites said...

hi anonymous, i'm glad it has helped. i totally understand when it's hard to read the menu. you're right when sometimes the only way of knowing what a place has on the menu is via a blog that shows the menu as lots of places don't have websites etc. i usually try and make the menu legible so thanks for pointing that one out. i thought it was ok at the time but it's great to get feedback if something can be better :-)

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