19 August 2011

Good Co Café: Coffee, Elizabeth Street, Sydney (4 Aug 2011)

37 Elizabeth Street
Sydney NSW 2000

In search of Good coffee

An afternoon caffeine hit brings me to check out the Good Co Café at Martin Place next door to the new soon to be opened St George Bank branch. I’ve passed by this spot countless times and noticed a café was lurking inside the building foyer but had never ventured in. The Good Co Café seem to be taking over lots of other locations around the city so perhaps their franchise is about to compete with Gloria Jean’s Coffee, Michel's Patisserie and the like.

My Mocha ($2.80, $1 extra to dine in) had a nice balance of coffee and chocolate and the chocolate coated coffee bean on the spoon is a welcoming touch — I wonder if they give a complimentary marshmallow with the hot chocolate. Gotta love little sweetie surprises like chocolate freckles at Fifi Foveaux’s. The Cappuccino ($2.80, $1 extra to dine in) had roasty flavour and wasn’t too bitter so was definitely worth trying. The Chocolate tart ($4.90 afternoon special including coffee) was rich in chocolate flavour with plenty of chocolate shards on top. The only problem was the base was a bit hard to cut so something less dense would have been more to my liking to be able to share more easily.

PROS: Pretty decent coffee, Lots of seating (although in a sterile building foyer), Prices seem reasonable for take away
CONS: New guys on the block finding their feet which ran out of ice cream to make an affogato
MUST TRY: Affogato ($3.80) next time although I’m not sure a take away version would work that well

Cappuccino ($2.80, $1 extra to dine in)

Mocha ($2.80, $1 extra to dine in)

Chocolate tart ($4.90 afternoon special including coffee)

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Samual said...

Really great post. Customers have more of a desire to eat food that is aesthetically pleasing and are more likely to enjoy their chosen dish.

Food presentation

Eva said...

Really good post .... and yes it looks like Good Co Cafe is really taking over the Sydney CBD. I have been to their other sites and the service is always so warm and friendly:-) . The coffee itself is always consistent with designs both funky and pretty with the perfect after taste in your palate..I have a feeling these guys are going to go places..... P.S I love those funky sugar sticks ! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love the look of the chocolate tart (good combo price, too!). A shame the dough was too tough, that's annoying especially when sharing.

Anonymous said...

good co. rox I think it rules I love their hot chocolate.

Gianna@TheEmptyFridge said...

coffee for $2.80, thats a win in itself! ive just started working in the cbd and im astounded by some of these $4 take away cups! But im sure i wouldnt be able to say no to that delicious looking tart!

Anonymous said...

Good Co Cafe on Elizabeth Street and Martin Place...... AMAZING. Great atmosphere. Great food. Good company. If you get the hot chocolate, ask Arty to put you some marshmallows in it (wow!).
What I do love the most is how well Arty and Sudu work together. It’s almost like they are dancing around each other. The best thing is you barely hear a word out of them unlike most cafe's that scream or talk loudly unnecessarily. So you can bring clients in and have meeting over a coffee. It’s well worth the visit!!

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