07 August 2011

Organic Expo & Green Show 2011, Darling Harbour (7 Aug 2011)

Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour NSW 2000

Organic diversity under one roof

This is the first time I've visited the Organic Expo & Green Show and from the start I noticed it was a lot smaller in size than the Good Food & Wine Show. In the end this was a good thing because it was a lot more achievable to get around to most of the stands and it also seemed less crowded which made it easier to try samples, talk to promotors and move around with ease. If you're into organics then this expo was a good place to check out some of the latest offerings. At times it seemed like a Mind Body Spirit Festival when coming across products I've never seen or heard about before. I thought most of the stands would be about food and wine but found a diverse mix including gardening, baby and kids products, body products, homewares and environmentally sound products. As always I seem to forget about and miss out on watching the cooking demonstrations but perhaps next year. The event certainly made me a lot more aware of the growing and diverse market demand for organic products.

PROS: Lots of organic and green products to discover, Seems a lot less crowded and less commercial than the Good Food & Wine Show, Free tastings and discounted show specials
CONS: $18 entry fee (but free for trade — food bloggers this can also mean you), A bit tiring walking around
MUST TRY: Finding organic products that taste good and friendly to the environment

Tried the Coconut Water which is 100% Organic Coconut Water — easier to drink than opening a coconut that's for sure

Even the watch and sunglasses were made from bamboo

Basil Crush Olive Oil flavour was very nice

Organic kids toothpaste

Live Blood Screening – they take a sample of your blood and show it to you onscreen and point out nutritional deficiencies

Products seemed quite reasonably priced and decent quality

Just add water

One for the ladies

Reusable sandwich bag that's environmentally made

Exhibition Hall food — I'm doubting there was actually much organic produce available but I didn't check the menu

Animal farm — not for sale and eating I presume but if they were at least you'd know their fresh

Scary looking baby time with Ellaroo baby slings

Quality tasting olive oils

Crunchy Mint and Goji & Camu Camu were my favourite of the bunch

Talks, demonstrations and stalls

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Anonymous said...

Hey, you managed to get a photo from Dvine Organics dressings! Last year they gave me a hard time so this year I didn't even bother.

Jesse AMAZONIA said...

Thanks alot Simon for your cool photos will chuck on Face book straight away :) Shine Brighter!

Deena said...

Thanks Simon. Lovely to meet you and your entourage!

Dressed and Eaten said...

Missed out! Damn. I thought it was this weekend. Looks like it was good.

Madam Wu said...

I sampled everything at Artisse and then decided not to wait to buy a sample bag given the line. The nut bars were awesome though! How was that coconut water? I'm intrigued by that. It can't be as good as drinking from a real coconut though right?

Health Food Stores Australia said...

Hello Simon,
Thanks for sharing an awesome information. Keep posting like this posts..Cheers!!!!!!!

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