23 May 2009

Fifi Foveaux's: Café, Surry Hills (23 May 2009)

428 Crown Street Surry Hills 2010 NSW

An attempt for an 11 am brunch at Bills on Crown Street unfortunately failed when met with a possible 45 minute wait at the very popular restaurant so we ventured across the road to the very red themed Fifi Fouveaux's. The menu looked promising and seemed reasonably priced for the area. I'm always drawn to ordering the big breakfast at cafés and this one has a bit of everything. It was OK but some of the spinach was unfortunately very burnt which made it disappointing on the taste buds. The fresh juice was good and served in a very large glass tumbler and I love when a coffee is served with a chocolate freckle treat. I'm suspecting Fifi attracts some of the customers that are not patient enough to wait for a seat at Bill's.

Fifi's Big Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with bacon, oven roasted tomato, spinach and mushrooms $15.50

Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon $12

Prosciutto, marinated mushrooms, swiss cheese & rocket sandwich $9

Fresh orange, apple and pineapple juice $5.50

Large coffee $4 comes with chocolate freckle

Very cute chair gnomes

1 comment:

Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

The food looks great but my question is, where did they get those gnome stools? I have someone that would just love them for a present! lol

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