07 August 2011

Mainland: ButterSoft Pure Spreadable Butter, New Zealand (7 Aug 2011)

Show me the ‘real’ butter

“New Zealand Mainland ButterSoft™ is triple churned and spreads straight from the fridge. It tastes like butter because that's all it is - 100% pure and natural with no oils or other additives”

When there's so many choices for every product in supermarkets these days it can be totally overwhelming to pick one. Sometimes I go with one I've enjoyed before and other times it might be on a recommendation. Today I needed to get some butter and I was looking for a spreadable version. I came across Mainland Buttersoft ($5.69, Woolworths) which was more expensive than the other branded spreadables but it actually seemed to be the only one that was actually made from butter. All the other brands didn't actually mention butter on their labeling. I then read ButterSoft is 'The only pure spreadable butter' on the packaging. The ingredients are very basic of cream, water and salt while the other spreadables had lots of other things added making me think they were made with some butter but also contained vegetable oils which helped to lower their saturated fat content. This also allowed them to state that their spreadables were 25% less fat than butter. In the end I preferred to go with the real butter and this product might become my preferred favourite now when I need to get more. I think they have a lower salt version which might be worth trying next time.

PROS: Pure butter with minimum ingredients, Very spreadable and tastes good
CONS: Higher in cost and saturated fat than other spreadables
MUST TRY: Perhaps the low salt version

Apparently 'The only pure spreadable butter'

Triple churned to help make it softer

Ingredients: Cream (from milk), Water, Salt

Spreadable factor: Very good

Taste factor: Very good


Anonymous said...

I think I'd rather have less spreadable butter than water thinned-down butter, even if it has no more added things.

lize said...

I was handed a tub of this at a railway station years ago when it first came on the market. I think it is a great produce and havebeen using it ever since

loqk said...

i've just looked into it, as i've enjoyed this butter for years. it has no extra water, or extra anything. it has the harder fats from butter removed. that's all. so, it is pure butter, tastes like pure butter, and doesn't do that awful melting into water thing on toast that some of the other "spreadables" do. this is awesome butter :-D

Anonymous said...

Hello Simon, I know this is an old post but just wanted to let you know saturated fat is gaining a growing health label! Just read marksdailyapple he has a lot of info that might help ease your mind on the butter front- also if it's grass-fed that's the main factor in determining the health factor of the saturated fat! And I think most dairy in new Zealand is :) so butter on Simon! Love Sophia

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